24 Things That Exist For Reasons No One Knows

Diply 16 Jan 2018

The internet is saturated with examples of really interesting things that we would never want to actually see in real life, like ever.

Lucky for us, I gathered some pictures of things that will have you scratching your head, rolling your eyes, and zooming in wondering, "UGH, WHY IS THIS EVEN A THING?!?"


StyleBistro | StyleBistro

This probably seemed like a good idea at the time, you know, for when you're just too lazy to put on shoes and pants. I'm kinda into it, but I just. don't. get. it.

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2. It's called FASHUN, okay?!

Twitter | @mb_519

Lady Gaga once said, "Step into the room like it's a catwalk," and I think she had this jacket in mind. Like, it's so impractical that it just kinda works, you know?

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3. And the questionable fashion continues...

Amazon | Amazon

Do you just love Guy Fieri so much you want to look like him? Apparently, there are enough people out there who aspire to have his iconic frosted tips that this little fashion statement is sold out!

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4. They do say tracksuits are really comfortable...

Reddit | Trafalgaladen

So, I think this tracksuit is a must-have if you think benches are over-rated and you never need to carry around a backpack.

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5. Since we're still on the topic of questionable fashion...

Reddit | ButtahmilkOG


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6. And let's not forget about the chickens, either. THEY DESERVE WEIRD FASHION, TOO.

Amazon | Amazon

So Amazon offers these tank tops for chickens because everyone wants their pet chicken to look fabulous.

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7. A deep-fried clothes hanger is the epitome of five-star dining. 

Reddit | Piggybank113

"If you're lucky enough to experience this delicacy" is how I'd love to start this sentence. But honestly, I got nothing and I don't know why this is a thing.

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8. Ahhh! Every seven-year-old's dream Barbie this holiday season!

Reddit | The-Mitr

There are so many different Barbies nowadays — doctor Barbie, firefighter Barbie, professor Barbie — it was about time they included BBQ-marinated-chicken-monster Barbie!

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9. You know, for when it's like, really clogged.

Reddit | TheNuttyLoudmouth

Can you picture someone actually using this pogo stick plunger? It'd be like real-life Super Mario, except messy and really, really wet.

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10. I just feel like being in this bathroom is the most inconvenient, complicated thing ever. 

Reddit | Aidybear

I'm totally here for being environmentally friendly and multi-tasking, but this just takes it to the next level!

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11. And speaking of multi-tasking!

Reddit | TheLysol_27

My first thought when seeing this lawnmower-bike is "Ahhh, such a creative idea!" Then, I realize that this just makes two very useful things completely inconvenient.

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12. There was an "Angry Birds" movie, so it was only a matter of time...

Reddit | Neuroseizure

I appreciate capitalism but this is just wrong!!!! THIS IS NO LONGER A BIRD, IT'S JUST AN ANGRY STRANGE HORSE MONSTER THING!!!!

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13. Okay, this genuinely exists for like no reason whatsoever. 

Reddit | Kulty

I know charging stations are so convenient, but if we're going to start making anything and everything a potential charging station, we have a problem!

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14. You read that right. BAG OF UNICORN FARTS. 

Reddit | SuperDuper_88

I mean, this sure is one creative way to market cotton candy, but before you look into it and realize what this really is, you have to admit it seems like the strangest thing ever.

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15. Oh?

Reddit | suchusername_

I don't know about y'all, but I'm not about to take my dishes out on the streets to dry, so I'm not quite sure what this person is trying to accomplish with this one.

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16. I feel attacked and nauseated and strangely hungry. 

Reddit | geoload

Okay, I really thought about this, and I realized that maybe this is one of those food combos you need to try before you judge. I THINK.

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17. Now that's a fashion statement.

Imgur | Imgur

An ear earring takes the term "I'm all ears" to a whole new level. It's like, show people you really listen when they speak, but make it ~ fashun ~

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18. That's one interesting hair carpet...

Imgur | Imgur

I'm all for a design statement, but I feel like this would just be so hard to maintain! But also, can you dye it if you get sick of the blonde, or?

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19. Now that is one heck of a restaurant experience. 

Reddit | copperdick

I wonder if these are recycled toilets, or if they were made specifically for this restaurant, because I don't know what's going on here, man.

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20. Camel...shoes?

Reddit | Psychotropic_Beauty

So, like, do you wear these on Wednesday because it's hump day and you're channeling a camel? I don't know, I tried to make sense of this, okay? Let me live!!!!

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21. My childhood... 

Reddit | kingeryck

I don't know which Pokémon show the artist watched growing up, but this is definitely not how I remember Pikachu. I'm all for a life-sized Pikachu statue, but this makes me so sad!

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22. Someone found this car casually parked in their neighborhood... 

Imgur | Imgur

Okay, so I feel like if I saw this parked in my neighborhood, I would move out immediately. Imagine walking past this to get to school every day... I literally can't even.

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23. Starbucks is getting real creative with their coffee nowadays...

Instagram | @spn.queen

Starbucks is known to cause quite some controversy with their packaging, and this is a prime example of that. I JUST WANNA ENJOY MY COFFEE WITHOUT ANYTHING WEIRD ON IT!!!

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Tumblr | zackisontumblr

I'm always down to try something new, especially if it's described as "Moist and Delicious!" But I'm not sure I can get past my taste buds yelling "GROSS GROSS GROSS GROSS" at me throughout the whole experience.

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