There's A New Marvel Internet Meme On Twitter And Chris Evans Loves It

jake.bean 5 Jun 2019

Marvel and memes, Marvel and memes, everyone loves Marvel and memes. How do you measure their worth? Just by the pleasure, it gives here on earth.

Thank you Rudolph fans for getting that one.

It seems that it's over.


The ban on Endgame spoilers has to be over, right?

I mean, it's been like a month, if you haven't seen it by now then you've at least heard about what happens.

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There's this sick shot.


And every time I talk Avengers: Endgame, I talk about this shot.

Mostly because it showcases how far we've come in terms of CGI, and how beautiful it can sometimes be.

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The Avengers beat Thanos.


I mean, no duh, but they also go back in time and stuff and Hulk is now comprehensible, it's all awesome.

Probably the best thing to come out of the Marvel Universe to date.

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Well, except memes.


Memes! How could I forget about precious memes!

Yes, I take it back, Endgame was the second best thing to come out of the Marvel Universe, the first being, of course, the memes.

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There's a whole Reddit dedicated to them

Reddit | Dig0xin

It's called r/marvelmemes and it's important.

Because you know something is important if it has a whole subreddit dedicated to it. Just take a gander over at r/grandpajoehate.

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Reddit | thomasthetangengine

These memes are some of the funniest you'll see on the internet.

This one is about the Thor/Big Lebowski reference, and I chose to include it because I flipping love The Big Lebowski.

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There's a lot more.

Reddit | PacoDiez

And not just on Reddit, too. Remember the Thanos and Ant-Man meme (aka Thanus)?

Where Ant-Man crawls up Thanos' butt in order to defeat him? Yeah, those were simpler times, the months before Endgame.

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But none are better than...


One that's come out recently, or it's at least new to me. This was discovered by a very unlikely source...

Yes, but who could that source be? It really could be anyone... Oh yeah, that's right, you read the title.

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It was Chris Evans.

Twitter | @starvalkyries

Oh yeah, and apparently he thinks the whole thing is quite amusing.

Not that I'm faulting him for that, no, because I too think that it is amusing. As I'm sure many of you do.

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Have I even talked about the meme yet?

Twitter | @_VirgoRoyalty

No, I haven't, jeez I'm scatterbrained.

Well, if you hadn't already guessed, people are putting fake nails on some of the Marvel superheroes and actors!

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Here's Thor and Captain America chilling.


This is, hands down, the best one that came out of the meme.

Their expressions and motions really just pull the whole meme together.

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Here's Thor.


And he looks like he is about to lay some real truths on you.

Like he's been waiting all gosh darn day to tell you this, and finally, he's got his opportunity.

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And look at those hoop earrings! Boy does he look like he's pissed off too.

You know what they say, Helheim hath no fury like a Trickster God scorned!

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Here's Tom Holland.


He looks, dare I even say it, good? At least we learned that if he ever grows out his hair, he'll look good.

They added in Flaming Hot Cheetos!

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And finally...

Twitter | @97adartse


That's definitely the most epic one. Tony really snapped on that one. Haha, get it?

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