People Think That Melania Trump's Outfit Was A Tribute To Princess Diana

All eyes were on President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump as they visited Queen Elizabeth II in England and of course, we couldn't help but notice some pretty iconic fashion choices.

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump made landfall in London, England, to visit Queen Elizabeth II.

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While many eyes were on Trump — waiting for him to do something offensive, many eyes were on his wife for a more refreshing reason.

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Melania arrived at Buckingham Palace, wearing what appeared to be a Princess Diana inspired outfit.

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Online spectators couldn't help but notice how reminiscent her look was of Diana would have worn in the 1980s and early 1990s.

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Although it was her third outfit change in 24 hours, Diana fans were still touched that Melania paid homage to her in such a tasteful and classy way.

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It also nicely complimented the white dress worn by the Duchess of Cornwall.

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There was no doubt that her look was very Princess-Diana-esque, but it also gave off vibes of a couple other iconic women.

Fans also compared her style to Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

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Celebrity stylist, Rochelle White, thought that it was an excellent dress choice that suited her well.

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"Melania's outfit is well tailored and fitting but has a style edge that is suitable for her," she said. "It has that trendy, classic sleek look what works well for many occasions."

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Fans noticed right away that the color combination of Melania's dress is one that Princess Diana was very fond of.

Navy blue and white were supposedly one of her preferred wardrobe pairings.

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"Melania once again demonstrates how fashion diplomacy is done," someone tweeted.

"This is perfection. What a beautiful fashion tribute to the late Princess Diana," they added

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"If Princess Diana were still alive, I truly believe she and Melania would be good friends," another fan tweeted.

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"Like Diana, Melania is elegant, stylish, smart, and sophisticated."

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"FLOTUS stole the show. Hands down," someone else tweeted.

Whether she intentionally copied Diana's signature look or not, she still looked stunning and classy.

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This person commented on how great it would have been if Princess Diana could have been around to meet Melania.

Twitter | @JoeyNoCollusion

Diana may have not been Trump's biggest fan while she was still alive, but perhaps she and Melania could have gotten along better.

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Some fans praised both Diana and Melania as individuals, rather than comparing one to another.

Twitter | @mgoodwin50

"I don’t think she is channeling anyone. She is being herself and that is amazing. Stunning and radiantly beautiful. Wearing the same color as someone previously wore means nothing. Many women have worn navy and white," someone else wrote.

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Not everybody was supportive of Melania's outfit choice, however.

Twitter | @magicarter

Some fans thought that Melania trying to channel Diana was completely out of order.

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This person tweeted — calling out anyone that is even so much as associating Melania to Princess Diana.

Twitter | @susan_bee

Claiming that Diana was way out of Melania's league.

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Others thought that Melania probably wasn't purposely trying to dress like Diana.

Twitter | @ebeth360

Not a bad point.

If a woman pairs white and navy blue, does that automatically mean her outfit was inspired by Princess Diana?

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All I know is that Princess Diana and FLOTUS both rocked the white and navy.

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And there's nothing wrong with paying tribute to somebody that inspires you. Copying is the highest form of flattery, amirite?

What did you think of Melania's Buckingham Palace look?

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