12 Genuinely Fascinating Details In Disney Movies That Are Based On Real Life

Diply 11 Apr 2018

I know that Disney isn't known for its accuracy — I mean, Pocahontas is a mess of lies — but sometimes, they do get a thing or two right.

These tiny details in Disney movies are all actually based on reality, and I bet you never even noticed.

1. Helen Parr aka Elastigirl uses real military flight lingo in The Incredibles.

The Disney Wiki | The Disney Wiki

In the movie, Elastigirl says: "Island approach, India-Golf-Niner-Niner checking in." She also says, "VFR on top," "Angels 10," "track east," "transmitting in the blind guard," and "buddy-spiked."

It's actually real U.S. Air Force lingo that indicates her plane number ("IG99"), that she's obeying visual flight rules ("VFR"), her altitude (10,000 feet), her flight direction (east), that she's making an emergency call and hasn't confirmed communication, and that she's a friendly aircraft and shouldn't be fired on. Whew! Got all that?

Elastigirl is even more brilliant than we thought!

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2. The night howler flowers in Zootopia are real.

Zootopia Wiki | Zootopia Wiki

The night howler flowers in Zootopia are based on a similar-looking flower called the autumn crocus.

Consuming this flower won't make you go rogue like it did to the animals in Zootopia, but it can be deadly for humans and other mammals.

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3. Gusteau's in Ratatouille is a pretty legit restaurant.


In fact, according to many French chefs and critics, Ratatouille's depiction of a working kitchen is super accurate.The animation team actuallyworked with a French chef in their kitchen to get every detail just right.

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4. Remember that scene in Pirates of the Caribbean when the pirates use random object as cannon ammunition? Well, that's historically accurate. 

Snippets of Jack | Snippets of Jack

According to evidence left behind in shipwrecks, pirates would use ammunition like glass and nails when they were trying to take out the crew but leave the ship unharmed.

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5. You could totally be thrown off a building for annoying an emperor in Incan times.

The Odyssey | The Odyssey

So, in The Emperor's New Groove, when Kuzco has a man thrown off a cliff for interrupting his dance number, it's based on real practices. Yikes!

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6. The palace in Sleeping Beauty is based on a real-life palace in Germany.

Bored Panda | Bored Panda

The exterior look of the palace in Sleeping Beauty was heavily based on Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.

We can totally see why the animators at Disney would be inspired by this castle because it's gorgeous!

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7. The combined names of the main characters in Frozen sound out the name of the author of the original story.


Frozen,which features characters named Hans, Kristoff, Anna, and Svenwas inspired by a story by Hans Christian Anderson. Get it?

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8. A fire extinguisher would probably work to propel something through space like it did in Wall-E. 

Gravity Wiki | Gravity Wiki

I mean, according to an actual astronaut, it's totally possible because "for every action in one direction you have an equal and opposite reaction in the other direction."

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9. Real clownfish put Marlin to shame when it comes to travel.

Just Keep Swimming | Just Keep Swimming

In Finding Nemo, Marlin travels all across the ocean to track down his son, but that's actually not such a big deal for real-life clownfish.

In fact, baby clownfish often travel hundreds of miles to meet up with other clownfish populations.

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10. The kingdom of Corona in Tangled is based on a very real island in France.

The Disney Wiki | The Disney Wiki

If you've ever wanted to experience Tangled in real life, you totally can.

The kingdom of Corona in Tangled is inspired by Mont Saint-Michel in France, which is a popular tourist attraction today.

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11. There's not a lot that's accurate in Pocahontas, but noble dogs like Percy were definitely a thing. 

Giphy | Giphy

It was common for British nobles to carry little dogs around with them as it represented their dominance over nature.

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12. And finally, Moana's dad's tattoos are accurate.

Aleteia | Aleteia

Moana's dad had real early Samoan tattoos that signified his important role within the community.

Do you know any other details from Disney movies that are based on real-life COMMENT and let us know, and TAG a friend!

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