There is a saying among writers to "write what you know," and I think that idea could really apply to any creative endeavor. An artist finds inspiration in the world around them whether they're a writer, a painter, an avid scrapbooker, or whatever their craft of choice is. 

Alli Parker does just that by crocheting adorable plush versions of the animals her home of Australia is known for. 


1. This little kangaroo has her own little joey in her pouch.

I love the little flag too!

2. I just can't get over the fuzzy ears on this koala. 

The big nose is a great touch too.


3. Even this echidna is adorable!

Lots of fun details in this one too. Love the snout. 

Instagram | @hartandcrafts

4. All that cuteness, just chilling together. 

I'm not sure I could choose just one. 

Instagram | @hartandcrafts