Instagram is no longer just a place where you can post photos of your lunch and secretly creep on your ex. It is slowly becoming a beauty hack haven. Beauty bloggers are sharing their best tips and tricks through hashtags like #beautyhacks and #makeuphacks. Since you probably don't have time to search through endless grams and regrams, I've compiled some of the best beauty hacks I've come across that will keep you #flawless. Think of this as the beauty manual you always wanted, just with way more Juno and Lark filters. 


1. Prolong the life of your mascara

This hack might sound a little strange, but don't roll your eyes at it. Adding a few eye drops to your mascara will keep it from drying out, which means that you can have amazing lashes without buying a new mascara every few weeks. 

Instagram | @revolutionarybeauty

2. Know your color wheel

A lipstick with a blue undertone can make all the difference when it comes to showing off your smile. Try MAC's classic red shade, Ruby Woo, for this hack. 

Instagram | @beautymaker.ej

3. Aloe vera is great for sensitive skin

Aloe vera is not just for soothing sunburns. This plant is also a natural moisturizer and perfect for people who are easily irritated by perfumes or dyes. Best of all, these plants usually sell for less than $10.

Instagram | @joanne.saunders

4. Clean your brushes the easy way

No one, I repeat NO ONE, likes cleaning their makeup brushes. Here's an easy fix to this dreaded chore: wrap a small hair donut around your finger, creating the perfect surface to scrub your brushes. You can also DIY your own version with a small sponge and a little bit of hot glue to hold the loop shape if you don't have a hair donut around. Check out #7 for another great tip on how to clean your brushes. 

Instagram | @vimishabeauty