The Costa Concordia was one of a kind. The luxurious cruise ship wowed just about everyone who stepped foot on it. This monstrosity of a ship was christened in 2006 and housed over 4,000 passengers at a time. With 1,500 cabins, a casino, and a multi-level theater, the ship was basically a mobile ocean city. Sadly, on January 13th, 2012, the Costa Concordia sunk when it struck a rock formation as it departed from a town in Italy. The ship has since been pulled from the water and the effects of the crash are now more apparent than ever.

For the first time since the disaster, German photographer Jonathan Danko Kielkowski had a chance to board the unearthed ship to see what things looked like inside. The eeriness of the photos is quite remarkable.

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1. The Costa Concordia came to rest in shallow waters off a small Italian island after striking a rock formation underwater. 

Captain Francesco Schettino had ordered the ship to sail in close to the island to salute locals. On board, many people were just sitting down to dinner when the ship lurched and crunched into the rocks. At first, passengers were only told that there was a blackout, but it quickly became clear it was much worse.

2. Shortly after the sinking, authorities took Captain Schettino into custody. 

In 2015, he was tried and sentenced to 16 years in prison for manslaughter and deserting the passengers of his ship as it sank. A total of 32 people died in the disaster, and the press nicknamed Schettino "Captain Coward."

The Atlantic | Enzo Russo | Reuters/EPA

3. In the meantime, a salvage operation began on the once-proud cruise ship. 

While it sat abandoned off the Tuscan coast, German photographer Jonathan Danko Kielkowski found a chance to swim onto the ship to take some pictures of the inside. 

National Post | Tiziana Fabi | AFP/Getty Images

4. Most striking, Jonathan saw evidence of the passengers' frenzied escape everywhere. People's belongings were still scattered around the hallways and rooms.

You can almost feel the panic that must have gripped the passengers as they dropped their suitcases and ran for their lives.

Jonathan Danko Kielkowski | Imgur | Nabashin

5. This theater used to be magnificent at one point. Now it's in ruins.

It should be filled with a laughing, clapping, joy-filled crowd, so it must have been creepy for Jonathan to see it silenced and in tatters. Dust and mold and tarnish have removed every hint of glitter and polish.