For most of us, etiquette seems like something from an era long past. We still say "please" and "thank you," but those are just good manners, right?

It turns out that etiquette takes care of many of the smaller things that we consider rude, and offers advice on all fronts. The aim is to do everything as kindly as possible, which just makes sense. Even the seemingly silly rules have a reason behind them.


So while it may seem pretty old-fashioned, there just might be some value in incorporating these habits into your day-to-day life.

Do you follow etiquette? Or do you just do you?

Be sure to comment and let us know!

1. You're clapping incorrectly.

Don't clap in front of your face. Instead, clap in front of your chest, slightly to the left. And obviously, don't clap in front of someone else's face!

2. You're climbing into the car wrong.

Sit down first, then swing your legs in. This prevents a myriad of problems, such as flashing your friends and hitting your head on the roof. 


3. You're using butter straight from the dish.

The correct (and sensible!) way to do this is to take some butter and put it on your plate, then butter your bread. It's more polite and also prevents the dreaded crumbs in the butter!

4. You're pointing with your finger.

It's OK to use your hand to point something out but always do it in a gesture with an open hand.

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