When it comes to fashion, the '90s were the best decade in history. Don't fight me on this. The trends were outrageously tacky and we loved every single one of them. 

If you're a child of the '90s, keep scrolling to see how many of these fashion items you owned, adored, and still yearn for. 


1. Plaid

Every true child of the '90s had a separate section of their wardrobe dedicated to plaid. Flannel shirts reigned supreme and let's not forget about all of the plaid outfits we were graced with in Clueless

2. Tattoo Chokers

Not only did I own multiple tattoo chokers but I also had the matching rings, anklets, and bracelets. It's so funny to see how this very '90s trend has made such a huge comeback.


3. Butterfly Clips

Butterfly clips: they broke in our hair and the feeling of stepping on one was equivalent to the pain of childbirth. The styling possibilities were endless and every '90s girl tried to emulate Sarah Michelle Gellar's hair look. 

4. Popcorn Tops

These tops honestly defy the rules of physics, gravity, and fashion. But we loved how these tiny tops would somehow stretch to fit over our bodies. 

5. Bandanas

EVERY '90s kid knows that bandanas were a hairstyling necessity. We wore them, our moms wore them, celebrities wore them... ugh, what a wave of nostalgia.