36 People Who Are Just Living Their Truth

Diply 3 Jul 2018

I always admire people who are just living their life, marching to the beat of their own drum every day. It's how I want to live my life, and quite frankly, I look up to them. None of these people have time for haters, because they're too busy just being their own amazing selves.

1. This little girl, who just loves her owl so much.

Twitter | @tastefactory

This is really very cute. How many little girls just want to hang out with a giant plastic owl? Live your life, girl!

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2. This little girl, who loves talking to this pipe.

Twitter | @xplodingunicorn

Do you think it's talking back to her? I'm here for the friendship, to be honest. A girl and her pipe: a tale as old as time!

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3. This little kid, who decided that these were his bath toys.

Instagram | @ksquaredmommy2

A wooden spoon, a plastic bowl, and a recorder? Hey, you've got to give it to him for being imaginative!

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4. This professor, who is the definition of living your truth.

Reddit | reggiebdead

Can you imagine if this was what you walked into the first day of college? I would be floored, honestly.

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5. This grandma who is scolding a pelican. 

Reddit | Schnarf_Schnarf

Only a true queen of a grandmother would scold a pelican. Also, the pelican looks really ashamed and sorry for what it did! Here for it.

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6. This kid, who is so over wearing pajamas.

Reddit | KillerKenyan

The expression that launched a thousand memes. He is over everything and in his pajamas on picture day. Can you blame him, though?

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7. This dad, who is now my personal hero.

Twitter | @ovoxchlo

This would probably be the first thing I did with a selfie stick as well. Also, that is a lot of bubbles.

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8. This kid, who should probably design his own fashion line.

Reddit | YungProlapze

That is a bold fashion statement! I wonder if he'll look back on these pictures in twenty years and just laugh and shake his head.

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9. This cop, who is just in his own world.

Reddit | Bizarrmenian

I can't figure out if I would rather be on a horse or on a bike. I guess a horse, right? Like, it's always the horse.

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10. This guy, who is just being himself.

Reddit | toothman69 

And that baby looks totally not phased, which is awesome. Imagine how great of a #tbt picture this is. I'm actually pretty jealous, let's be real.

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11. This couple, who are truly meant to be with each other.

Reddit | [deleted]

There is a lid to every single pot and this picture proves it. This proposal would only work with these two.

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12. This lady, who is talking on her phone the wrong way.

Reddit | C-Ron

Is she even speaking to anyone on the other line? I'm so confused and intrigued. Can the person even hear her?

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13. This person who has no idea how to park.

Reddit | Jkatz88 

This is their world and we're all just living in it! Personally, I'm not ok with this parking job, but what can you do?

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14. This person, who is just giving you a warning.

Reddit | [deleted]

At least they are giving us a heads up. That's so nice of them! More cars should probably do this just to let us know.

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15. This older gentleman who is not hiding how he feels. 

Imgur |  stephenlloyd

This man is my mood 24/7. I'm obsessed with this and will think about it in my darkest moments because it is perfect.

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16. This park ranger, who is truly serving some fashion!

Tumblr | theclearlydope

Ummm, watch out Tyra Banks! This man is high fashion and he knows it. Look at that confident pose! I'm shook.

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17. This guy, who knows that Batman is a princess too. 

Imgur | justbecausetheycan

This is oddly a great Halloween costume. Who says Batman can't also wear a tiara and a gown? Nobody, that's who.

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18. This woman, who is rocking a tail like no other.

Reddit | sketchampm

Girl, live your life! Also, that is a giant tail. Like way bigger than I would ever expect to see in a grocery store.

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19. This man, who doesn't care if that's not how a hammock works.

Imgur | daimonysos

And why would he? He's got sunshine and he's relaxing and truly looks like he's in Heaven. I'm jealous.

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20. This girl, who is nailing the pose.

Reddit | CatsTho 

Now that's a bridesmaid you want in your wedding party. The zoom in is everything. I'm terrified and super impressed all at once.

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21. This game company is just doing the best they can.

Instagram | @kontheabstract
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22. When my other choices are awkward small talk or drunk gibberish, can you blame me?

Instagram | @unilad

Also, it should go without saying that I can understand the drunk gibberish coming out of my friends.

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23. I don't actually do this, it's rude. I'm just here for Yoshi.

Instagram | @preach

I mean, look at him. He's saying an appropriate thing for the situation and loving life.

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24. When you pay for the Netflix, you can say whatever you want.

Instagram | Instagram
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25. After the first few dates, show them who you really are...

Twitter | @elenacresci

Even if that happens to be a pizza monster sadist...

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26. This girl fears no judgement when it comes to personal style...

Instagram | @kalesalad

I don't know who's copying who, but those are some gutsy style moves and I love it.

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27. What's yours is mine and mine is mine.

Instagram | @whatxysthink
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28. Just because it was $50 dollars a plate doesn't mean you have to pretend to like it...

Twitter | @dj_rocklee
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29. Ahhh, the fresh scent of a trusting relationship...

Twitter | @miaakellyy

Ben will never find an air freshener that looks as good as these. Selfie game on point!

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30. Don't expect any apologies from the this girl, she knows her priorities. 

Instagram | @the.real.fails
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31. I want to say that he should be holding her, not taking pictures.

Reddit | smashmouthftball

But then they would have nothing to look back and laugh about!

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32. Here's a girl who knows how to treat herself. 

Reddit | [deleted]
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33. It's not just boyfriends who get overprotective.

Twitter | @Nikita_Dragun

These days, we don't mark our territory — we tag it!

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34. If you're tired of the seat being left up, this was the only logical thing to do.

Reddit | [deleted]
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35. This person is just trying to get highered!

Reddit | schmackers

And honestly, I would higher them. In a heartbeat.

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36. This guy, who's embracing his inner Disney princess.

Reddit | whattheefth

I wish the universe would smile on me like this.

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