Ombre has become an increasing popular trend for nails, but up until today, I had no idea what ombre actually meant! It seems like people have using the terms 'ombre' and 'gradient' almost interchangeably when it comes to nail art, but in fact, they are very different designs. Although both designs are beautiful, ombre is actually a transition between colors that belong to the same color family, and gradient is a transition between many colors. Because of this, ombre nails can take on many different forms, from gradient, to color blocking, and everything in between. Personally, I am in love with the ombre trend. It's finally acceptable for me to paint my nails with five different shades of purple! Here are 17 incredibly cute ombre designs to inspire your own monochromatic manicure! 


1. These dark purple nails are perfect for the upcoming fall season!

2. I love the contrast between the dark and the light shades in this design.

3. These dark glitter accent nails are glam without going overboard. LOVE!


4. These deep shades of green make for a perfect fall ombre. 

5. The glitter accent nail in this design adds some drama to an already stunning design.