24 People Who Are Straight-Up One Hot Mess

Diply 17 Nov 2017

Like everybody, I've reached a few low points in my life.

Sometimes, when I think I couldn't get any lower, I discover a whole new sub-basement.

But compared to the people on this list, I'm absolutely killin' it. Which is why I want to take a moment to thank these hot messes for making me feel better about myself.

Thank you, truly.

1. The one time you offer to make dinner for your family.

Tumblr | bunnyfood

And they're all literally so ungrateful — except Whiskers, because she's the only one who's ever truly been there for you.

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2. When your mom never taught you how to do laundry.

Meme Center | Meme Center

That's right, this is your fault, Mom.

Why were you so good to me? Why did you spoil me so much? Look at me now!!!

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3. Cashier: "Do you need a bag?" Me: "Nah, I'll be fine."

JustPost | JustPost

This is why seatbelt laws should apply to both humans and tubs of ice cream.

Frankly, you're being irresponsible otherwise.

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4. Sooo, is this covered in the warranty, or...?

Reddit | FowelBallz

Let us all join hands and pray that, at the very least, this person bought this TV on Boxing Day.

So maybe, just maybe, it's not as great of a loss.

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5. I can't think of a better way to start the day. 

Imgur | lisamartens

Actually, this is what successful people eat for breakfast.

Because if you can make it through this, you can accomplish just about anything.

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6. Bonus tip: Don't break up with your boyfriend within 12 hours of getting a spray tan.

Sizzle | Sizzle

Why am I crying?


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7. When you can't handle another Thanksgiving dinner with your endearing Uncle Bill.

Reddit | pikerbiker

So you make yourself a special "gluten-free" dessert, that way you have an excuse to go sleepy-bye before he starts passionately discussing politics.

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8. When boiling water is way above your skill level.

Reddit | Marzz

Looks like this person should stick to the microwave.

...Or maybe a raw food diet. Better just stay away from all heat sources.

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9. When the knots in your iPhone cords get out of hand.

Imgur | PhenaxGodOfTheButts

Seriously, Mom?

I taught you how to use Instagram (and it almost killed me), but this time you're on your own.

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10. Just wait, we'll all be wearing this trend soon.

Twitter | @LONDONightGuide

Who knows, the front of this shirt might be a lot prettier than the back.

I need the full story before I can really judge.

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11. Ugh, not another silly wedding photoshoot.

Reddit | jcliff219

I'm so tired of these cheesy pics of wedding parties trying to be unique.

Oh, what's that? This was an actual bridge disaster?

Oh... Sorry guys. Hope everyone's OK...

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12. When you create pierogi fossils at home.

Reddit | luxurs

These fries look like they were mummified in 1324 B.C., exhumed in the late 1920s, and laid out on this baking sheet in 2017.

They're definitely cursed.

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13. When you do everything right and still fail.

Instagram | @justquaid

There you were, thinking, "Hey, maybe I'll adult this time and actually use the thing made for scooping ice cream, you know, instead of bending another spoon."


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14. You can't even do soft serve right, either.

Instagram | @random___pic.s

Well, that's what you get for being greedy and telling the girl at McDonald's to "keep piling it on" because you wanted to "get your full 50 cents-worth."

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15. When you thought vending machine fails only happened on TV.

Reddit | ioxenus

I'm not sure whether we're in an episode of The Simpsons or The Office, but either way, I'm laughing at this person's misfortune.

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16. When you finally learn how do you your own laundry.

Reddit | iBleeedorange

Well, sorta.

You're still filling up the laundry soap lid to the brim, and tossing in three or four Tide Pods for good measure.

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17. When you stole that jacket, and you don't care who knows it.

Instagram | @surreal_city

Dude, come on, there are like 400 YouTube tutorials on how to safely remove these things.

I swear, even my 11-year-old sister posted one.

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18. When you start the day by jinxing yourself.

JustPost | JustPost

I probably could have predicted this one.

I mean, just look at that smiley face. Look at those hollow, mischievous eyes.

It was plotting something from the start.

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19. When the only thing you studied before the test was your true/false calligraphy.

Instagram | @random___pic.s

And for that, this person deserves an A+.

Now, if only this wasn't a short answer quiz, they'd stand a chance.

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20. This is why I will never buy my child a bean bag chair.

Reddit | BehindYourLeftEar

What I really mean is, this is why I will never have children.

Come on, can you blame me?

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21. "Make sure you catch me from my good side — pick one."

Instagram | @moistbuddha

Those are lyrics from a Britney Spears song called "Kill the Lights," which I can only assume is the inspiration for this look.

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22. When you change the toilet paper roll for the first time in your life.

Reddit | Average_Toaster

For years you've been that person who leaves the empty cardboard.

One day, you decided to be thoughtful.

And now everyone hates you even more.

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23. When your setting spray wasn't formulated for clown makeup.

Instagram | @barstoolsports

I'm sorry, I didn't know I was being discriminated against because my choice of makeup happens to be face paint.

That finishing spray should work for all lifestyle choices.

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24. And finally, when your hot mess-ness is simply an open and honest fact.

Me.me | Me.me

Look, everybody knows. You might as well just own it, Rapunzel.

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