That special time you've been waiting for your whole life is finally here. You are pregnant. You are expecting a little human. They're on their way (don't pass out; this is a good thing). Don't stress, you've got this and the list you're about to read will make your time with your unborn child more comfortable than it was for your mother. Times have changed, and there is a lot of support out there for moms-to-be. This is a wonderful list of all the amazing things you can do to make your life easier for the next few months.


1. The Grabber Thingy Is Not Just For The Elderly

Accept your stunning new size and lack of mobility with this handy-dandy little grabber. Give it a name because it's about to become your bestie. The hardest part is letting go when the baby comes (or forgetting it at home).

2. DIY While You Wait

You've got nine months to kill, and that baby belly keeps on growing. Grab an old tank top and cut the bottom of it off so that you can use it to cover the space between your pants and your top. This way you won't have to get heat stroke under layers of clothes when you only need an itty-bitty.

Pinterest | Meg McNaughton

3. You Might Qualify In Your State

Some places have "expecting" parking spots for mothers-to-be, but they are still kind of a new concept. Thankfully, most establishments have designated handicapped parking spots and in some states, pregnancy makes one eligible to park in these spots. All you have to do is apply for a permit!

4. Don't Go Buying New Bras Every Five Minutes

You're going to feel changes (ch-ch-ch-ch-changes), and those can be expensive if you let yourself start shopping for solutions. Just because you feel like your boobs are growing every month doesn't mean you need a new bra every month. You're probably good with a hack like this one. Just take the clasps off of one bra and attach them to the other. Simple!