Love, romance, and marriage are all nice concepts in theory, but when you start to break down the details, they just don't hold up. You can continue trying to kid yourself into some sort of happy relationship, but I'm telling you, it's just your imagination, because when push comes to shove, you're truly alone in this world. Don't get all sad on me, this isn't always a bad thing. Just think, all that time you would have spent falling madly and deeply in love can be used to peruse other things like oil paintings or collecting stamps. You see, these types of endeavors will create the type of joy that will last a lifetime. 


1. So much for the free meal. 

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2. She seems like a catch.

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3. Too bad he couldn't predict how crappy this date would go.

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4. Melissa probably made some enemies. 

#8 is a problem that I wish I had.