Often, your smile is the first thing somebody will notice about you. Your teeth are out there, on display to the world, making a first impression for you. 

What's more, they work for you all day, grinding delicious morsels down into the energy you need to get through life.

Teeth are easy to take for granted, though. Most of the day, you don't really remember they're even there. But they affect so much of your life, they deserve more attention.

As the saying goes, take care of your teeth, and they'll take care of you!

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1. The secret to strong teeth is fluoride.

Fluoride has been proven to prevent cavities and reverse the early stages of tooth decay. That's why it's in toothpaste and mouthwash, and why many cities add it to their drinking water.

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2. Plaque becomes tartar when it hardens on your teeth.

And it's a lot more difficult to remove. Plaque comes from bacteria, acid, saliva, and food, and it sticks to your teeth – brushing removes it. When it hardens into tartar, a dentist has to scrape it off.

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3. Eating or drinking too often puts your teeth at risk.

The more often food comes into contact with your teeth, the more opportunity it has to wear down your teeth and deposit bacteria. 

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4. Dry mouth can cause bacteria to grow.

Saliva is gross, but it's good for your mouth. It helps you break down your food and swallow it, and it's still at work even after you're done eating, neutralizing acid and preventing bacteria from growing.

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