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14+ People Who Are Flirting With Disaster

Ryan Ford 20 Nov 2019

Do you ever wonder how often you've been at the precipice of catastrophe and not known it?

Honestly, it's probably best that we're not aware of all the times we've been on the edge of the metaphorical cliff without realizing it. That's the sort of thing that can really keep you up at night!

1. Most people who want to live dangerously just take up skydiving.

Imgur | OhLookSomethingHappened

But this is cheaper, I'll give it that. Still, it's not the last thing I would want to text before my life ends.

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2. That's a bold design choice, if incredibly unwise.

Reddit | theleahlemon

Seriously, who makes mothballs into brightly colored fun shapes and labels them "Swallow?" A lawsuit is really the best way for this product to end.

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3. They could have parked literally anywhere else.

Reddit | CounterStreet

I can tell you that anybody blocking my freshly shoveled driveway would learn to regret their mistake, and it wouldn't be a pleasant lesson.

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4. Well, art is supposed to make you feel things.

Reddit | GallowBoob

And the artistic installation of this door sure makes me feel like the confusion it will create will end in splinters and/or tears.

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5. Important question: Is the cat declawed?

Reddit | Rizface

Declawing is a cruel practice, just as slamming the faucet on would be, but it would likely save a couple of dozen scratches.

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6. Turnabout is fair enough, however.

Reddit | AbstraktDrift

Cats are smart critters, but seldom know what's good for them, and they will take you down with them.

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7. Sibling rivalries are real, and they can get pretty messy.

Reddit | Samurai182

Here's hoping that the bubble gum took the worst of it, or better yet, that the kid thought twice about turning the Barbie Dream Car into Ken's Nightmare.

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8. Remember the old Klingon proverb, "Revenge is a dish best served cold."

Reddit | highfive_yourface

I like to think that if indeed something did happen between those kids above, later in life, the little sister found creative ways to get back at him.

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9. Be careful what you wish for!

Reddit | brownlawn

One too many "compromises" can be a slippery slope toward resentment, and this guy looks like he's one more vest away from starting a new life in the woods.

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10. GTA fans know how close this situation is to a moment of triumph, or a spike in insurance premiums.

Reddit | ZexyMagician

I mean, who leaves a perfect ramp set up like that and expects every single driver to resist the temptation to channel their inner Duke boy?

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11. Why must death wear such an inviting disguise sometimes?

Reddit | faawa

Yes, if things go wrong you'll be crushed like a bug, but if it goes right, you'll be a legend!

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12. I've seen this episode of Seinfeld, and I know how it goes for George.

Reddit | loljhlol

But that donut is clearly untouched and just going to go to waste. Do you save it from its unfortunate fate?

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13. Come on, this is just begging to be unplugged.

Reddit | TWA727

You just have to know if it actually makes the whole company go dark, don't you?

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14. Is there any more devastating look than "Disapproving Grandma?"

Imgur | Shmandag

Even if he's into his own stuff and not smoking his Grandma's supply, I doubt that would go over very well.

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15. I've been around enough geese to know that this is not the best idea.

Reddit | WokkingOnTheMoon

It's only a matter of time until this relationship descends into a hissing flurry of feathers and biting.

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16. This pretty much has to end in tears.

Reddit | ottoschneck9

Sure, I try to educate the kids in Target on why the design is wrong, but I'm the villain here?

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17. They should just keep a guy with a mop and bucket nearby.

Imgur | redditforkarma

The only bonus is that they should sell a lot of watermelons this way. After all, if you break it, you buy it!

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18. I know, it seems like a challenge.

Reddit | afarro

Or, as the uploader put it, "Should I go for layup, free throw, or three point shot?" I'm guessing the janitorial staff are hoping for a layup.

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19. They had to know, right?

Reddit | Gorgatun

Kids are going to learn their four-letter words eventually, but they don't need help doing it. That's what parents stubbing their toes are for!

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20. Sometimes taking the snarky angle just isn't worth it.

Reddit | kbforthree

Shell, if you really want to clean up gas spilled all over the station, you couldn't write a much better note.

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21. That's going to be a hard pass from me, thanks.

Reddit | Grinz-Tsuji

Of all the products to catch a stranger's germs from, a public tub of Vaseline is just about the last thing I would stick my fingers into.

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22. Might be a good reason to check your diet or make a doctor's appointment.

Reddit | damnyewgoogle

"I farted into my Dyson air purifier and it affected air quality and registered as a volatile organic compound triggering the fan to clean the air," wrote the uploader, explaining the image.

What an age we live in.

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23. One of these things is not like the other.

Reddit | Bladelink

And in the early morning fog, I wouldn't be even remotely surprised if my coffee ended up with a distinctly eggy aftertaste in this house.

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24. Likewise, these two different products have much too similar packaging.

Reddit | ShenghaChamps

On the one hand, yes, you'd have some shiny hair in the end, but dang if the dining table wouldn't be sticky as heck.

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25. There's just enough of a smirk on this guy's face to think he thinks he's getting away with something.

Reddit | Freesoundjo

And just enough of a smirk on hers to know that he's not. Sure, he could be reading the football scores — and let's hope for his sake that he is. Otherwise, this is just moments before the storm.

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26. And this is just sadistic.

Reddit | parocxil

Do product designers not even know what else is out there? Or do they do these things just to see if we're paying attention?

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27. This is why cat owners can't have nice things.

Reddit | Valens

And really, they should just learn to love life without one of them. The two just can't co-exist.

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28. This guy is just asking to be pulled over.

Imgur | dramaramaram

The only way it could be worse is if he was behind the wheel of a Ferrari. Hope he has some demerit points to spare!

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29. Oh man, what a gamble!

Reddit | IAintNoThief

The vending machine has already claimed three victims, but what a payoff if the fourth time is finally a charm. What do you think, would you risk it?

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30. Oh Max...

Imgur | bigpaynis

Sounds like a recipe for sleeping it off on the couch, at best. Or in the doghouse. Kind of wonder if Max is comfortable there!

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