15+ People Who Probably Couldn't Believe Their Eyes

Caitlyn Clancey 21 Nov 2019

Sometimes life can be pretty ho-hum and hideously unremarkable. But other times it can get downright weird.

Thankfully, it's 2019 and capturing the most bizarre moments of your day is as easy as pulling out your phone and tapping the screen. Thanks to all those fast-reacting and forward-thinking folks, we have this list of some of the weirdest, "I can't believe that's a thing" pictures the internet has to offer for us to scroll through and enjoy.

So, you know, enjoy.

1. Damn, Japan. Why you gotta hit so low?

Reddit | FreddyGrimGreaper89

I wonder the bigger sizes at this store go by fat, fatter, fattest... Or maybe they're more like extra fat, extra-extra fat, and extremely fat.

Honestly, judging from this one soul-shattering size alone, I really wouldn't put it past them.

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2. The best part? It's not even that noticeable.

Reddit | xavierdc

This custom-made refrigeration vehicle may look like a hot mess of junk and duct-tape to us. But I'm sure to the driver, it's a damn masterpiece.

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3. But which one's the RIGHT cat??

Reddit | sekshibeesht

You know those movie moments where someone has a clone and someone else holding a gun has to decide which of the two is the real person so they don't shoot the wrong one?

This a way less extreme version of that.

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4. Fellas, I just found your new Tinder bio.

Reddit | ottawa123456789

Coming from a doctor, I feel like there are way worse things they could say about your downstairs area, and "unremarkable" kind of seems like the goal to shoot for.

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5. Lowes clearly has a target demographic.

Reddit | Infidelio

I could say a lot about this picture but all I'm going to point out is the product's serial number, which definitely deserves all the attention it can get: zk420b.


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6. "Just climb on up here and we can get this gynecological exam started!"

Reddit | Smoke_Hex

Honestly, going to see the gynecologist is awkward enough. It doesn't need any more help and it definitely doesn't need a street-view, thank you very much.

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7. What could go wrong?

Reddit | ronan798

Guys guys, it's okay. He's wearing a safety link, see? He's safely tethered to the river. Everything's going to be fine.

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8. You mean your dad put you on his shoulders so you could see better?

Reddit | 4chanAD

Well, how did that help him at all? This dad is changing the game. He's using the kid to help him see better.

I just hope that kid's enjoying the show of staring their dad's calves all night. Should have sprung for better seats, junior.

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9. There's a story here and I'm sure it's super depressing.

Reddit | CarnerBarney

What could possibly compel you to keep a dead, stuffed dog in the passenger seat of your car? Yeah, let's not open that box. Let's all just walk away and pretend we didn't see anything.

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10. Peep this glass eye found embedded in a rock on the beach.

Instagram | @london.mudlark

This is the quickest way to ruin your romantic stroll through the sand, isn't it?

Unless your sweetheart is into creepy stuff, in which case I guess this little discovery could make for the best date night ever.

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11. "Someone give the editor of the paper a raise."

Reddit | -akhil51939

Phallic graffiti? Not funny. A newspaper editor using that same graffiti to slow-roast the artist? Hilarious.

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12. Take it back. I dare you.

Reddit | bunnies1231

Look, clearly this lil' chonker is just trying to incorporate some good fats into his diet. Shouldn't we be supporting him in his healthy journey?

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13. I give you, Luci-fur. (Or Luci-purrrrr, you pick.)

Reddit | fjordfi2

Tell me this isn't the evilest looking kitty you've ever seen. This fuzzy little Satan is going to destroy everyone in its path! Or take a nap in a sunbeam. We'll see how the day goes.

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14. "I finally got to see Big Ben."

Reddit | chadillac

Imagine booking a trip to London, England, flying all the way there, and trekking your way through the city to get the perfect view of the infamous clock tower, only to learn you showed up while it was under construction.

At least you got a pic of that cool English phone booth though...?

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15. I feel like this wouldn't seem AS BAD if there weren't a bunch of little girls in front of this two-way mirror.

Reddit | Yomamasonice

Yet, here we are, living in a world where one Thai theme park inexplicably installed two-way mirrors in the men's bathroom so guys can have an unassuming audience of selfie-takers watching them use the urinal.

That girl's shirt says it all: nothing makes sense.

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16. "Somebody wrote this in my taco bell box. I'm a big burly guy. I don't know how to feel."

Reddit | BoutTreeFiddyyyy

Pretty. The answer is, you should feel pretty. Clearly that's what the writer was trying to convey to you here. Take the compliment man, jeez.

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17. I'm just trying to figure out what meal this guy is prepping for.

Reddit | BlaydBlyss

50 cans of Pringles, 15 liters of soda, and eight cans of cream of chicken soup. It's definitely a head-scratcher, alright.

Oh, he's wearing a weed beanie. Never mind. Mystery solved. That's lunch right there.

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18. This Roomba met its tragic end thanks to a single roll of toilet paper.

Reddit | Envoy_to_the_Stars

Once its sensors were all wrapped up, it had nothing to stop it from zooming right off the edge of those stairs.

Its only crime was trying to make the world a cleaner place. Tragic.

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19. "Her tattoo says 'fresh spring rolls' in Thai."

Reddit | iiDream

Honestly, as long as she's a fan of spring rolls, I see no reason why she should be ashamed of this tattoo. Maybe she wanted it to say something else. In fact, she probably wanted it to say something else.

But this is what she got. And it's perfect just the way it is. Live your life, sis.

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20. I don't know about you but that's definitely how I work out.

Reddit | Karkroth

Catch me in the gym striking my most fabulous action pose on the floor while I lift weights with one foot popped and a wind machine elegantly blowing my sweaty hair.

Well, that's how us women do it anyway.

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