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15+ People Who Are Light Years Ahead Of Us

Paddy Clarke 22 Nov 2019

Some people are born innovators, always pushing the boundaries of what is possible in this little world of ours. From cereal bowls that will reshape the way you eat cereal, to swing-sets that allow adults to share in the fun, there are people across the world demonstrating their genius on a daily basis. And, thanks to the internet, these wonderful innovations can be shared far and wide!

With that in mind, allow me to present you with 15+ people who are light years ahead of the rest of us!

1. Cereal Innovations

Reddit | chosen_at_random

And the Noble Prize for innovations in the field of cereal goes to the person who invented this wonderful creation! I need one, and I need one now.

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2. "One shoe so my cat cant open the door too far, the other so that it closes behind her."

Reddit | PapasMoustache

I'll absolutely be stealing this idea. I'm sure my cat is just as sick of me saying, "Were you born in a barn?!" to it as much as I am sick of saying it!

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3. "Local newspaper has a full page of cats for wrapping paper."

Reddit | bflo091986

This is the most adorable recycling idea I've ever seen! Well done to this eco-conscious newspaper!

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4. "This nearly 2 kg avocado from my grandmother's place"

Reddit | el-io

This grandmother is lightyears ahead of your average avocado farmer. There's another one of those sentences that you just never think you'll need to say; but hey, I'm glad I got to say it!

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5. "Light bending glass makes everything behind it invisible"

Reddit | AlluTuber

This kind of thing never ceases to amaze me. Hopefully one day I'll be able to harness this technology for when I'm trying to avoid people I don't want to talk to in public.

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6. "During a rare moment of late night genius I decided to cook brownies inside of waffle cones"

Reddit | danthoms

In the immortal words of the greatest human being to have ever lived, Jeff Goldblum: "Well... there it is!"

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7. "When a movie prop genius does Halloween"

Reddit | acidcrab

In my head, this is how my Halloween costumes are going to look — and then I end up leaving it until the night before to both make the costume and decide what I am going as.

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8. Boy Genius

Reddit | MechaStewart

Dear Lord, how did I never think to do this when I was a kid!? Oh, that's right, it's because I grew up in England where it is rainy and miserable all the damn time!

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9. "This Uber driver's 'Conversation Menu' is pure genius."

Reddit | PDXticle

I'm a big fan of The Simon And Garfunkle Ride myself. Although, if I'm drunk getting an Uber, it's always The Analyst Ride! What do you favor?

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10. "Some genius swapped the middle board of this table with a gutter to make a table top bar!"

Reddit | JiveMonkey

It's got my two favorite things, innovation and copious amounts of chilled white wine! This person wins the internet and life.

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11. Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

Reddit | oubelin

Oh boy, I wish I could afford one of those high-tech ditches for my garage!

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12. Calculus 101

Reddit | diablek

Wherever and whoever this kid is, someone finds them and gives them a Nobel Prize for advancements in the field of creative-bone-idleness.

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13. Using A Bunk-Bed And A Hanger To Make Their Own Entertainment Suite

Reddit | Hemming17

This makes me want to buy a bunkbed just so that I can do this! I never used to be even able to play my Gameboy Advance under the sheets when I was a kid, 'cause the screen didn't have a backlight — and now kids are building their own bunk-bed entertainment systems, damn it.

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14. "Watch out, we got a genius over here"

Reddit | Ethernetbabe

That's some ingenious advertising right there. I am wondering what Shaign is though...

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15. "Someone help this man in distress."

Reddit | brycewit

If you've been affected by a significant other spending far too much time in chain supermarkets, the please call 0800-905-AAAAAAAHHHWEALREADYHAVEONEOFTHOSE!! and an operator will be with you as quickly as possible.

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16. This Radiator Pie Warmer

Reddit | Hustler_Kamikaze

Yes, now you can keep your pies warm without cartoon cats and mice eating it, or using it as weapons against one another in their interminable yet entertaining battles.

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17. "Fixed a problem today, feel like a genius"

Reddit | alwayssocritical

On behalf of people on the internet everywhere, I want to personally congratulate you and officially give you the unsubstantiated and definitely-not-official title of "Genius". Congratulations, you should be very proud.

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18. "This swing that lets parents swing instead of pushing their kid."

Reddit | J0N90

Why should kids have all of the fun? Well, now adults can get in on the fun of a swing-set!

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19. I Couldn't Not Include The Genius Behind This Design

Reddit | xombie99

"You know what Steve, now we've built them I can see the flaw in your design."

"You know what they say about people in glass toilet cubicles Mark."

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20. "The new tie CVS gave me, I love it!"

Reddit | delege

And I thought that the CVS scarf was impressive, well this is just on another level!

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