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15+ People Who Are Going To Do Whatever They Want No Matter What

It's often been said that the fastest way to get someone to do something is to tell them not to, and there's definitely some truth to that.

However, it's also worth noting that this wisdom tends to apply the most when we aren't given a good reason not to do this forbidden thing. For instance, I'm a lot more likely to follow a sign that says "Don't touch this or you'll electrocute yourself and die" than simply "Don't touch this."

And since the people on this list didn't get a good reason not to do their thing, just take a wild guess as to what they did.

1. They probably didn't mean that this kid can't sit on the stairs with their arms in a weird position, but he's sticking it to them anyway.

Reddit | Crutcher904

Come to think of it, what is this sign actually saying? The best guess I've got is "Don't scoot down the stairs on your butt."

Is that a common issue around here?

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2. YouTubers have identified a list of words that seem to trigger demonetization and this total rebel is saying all of them.

Reddit | TerraCommunista

That's right, YouTube. He's going to say "countryside, Indonesia, Missouri and leisure." Suck on that!

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3. It's always demoralizing when you realize you've become the very thing you were once dedicated to stopping.

Reddit | phyguypsi

As they say, you either die a hero or you live long enough to see people lock their bikes up to you.

Yeah, I think my copy of The Dark Knight was different from everybody else's.

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4. These kind of posts are a dime a dozen, but this woman's fantastic facial expression makes this one stand out.

Reddit | distillerjunkie

The very idea of this pathetic sign stopping her is apparently so ridiculous that it inspired the smuggest look her face could muster.

It's just a good thing that sign doesn't have feelings because ouch.

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5. Whoever put this here is working on a level that I didn't know existed.

Reddit | MyJelloJiggles

And I suppose it wouldn't be fair to say that you can't use an exorcism movie as a yoga guide, but the techniques you'll see in there are...advanced, to say the least.

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6. I'm guessing that someone was told to install back wipers on every van, and so they just did this while rolling their eyes.

Reddit | Theswedishbadger

Some commenters guessed that people can see through the back of this van thanks to micro-perforations, but I can't help but wonder whether that response came from the same person who did this.

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7. That's certainly an inventive marketing strategy, but it's also more than a little hard to believe.

Reddit | Bloodymike

I guess we're then supposed to assume that the bedroom happens to be the best place to train for a hot dog eating competition? Yeah, I'm sure.

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8. Well well well, it looks like the Metropolitan Police were in for a little surprise on this one.

Reddit | KenMaiden

I'm sure it'll surprise no one to hear this, but this book is Banksy's Wall and Piece. This cheeky subversion seems perfectly on-brand for him, doesn't it?

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9. Since it's hard to tell what miscommunication could've resulted in this, I'm guesses that someone is stubbornly sticking to his much better idea.

Reddit | bsurfn2day

And for the record, I'm not saying that he thinks a llama race is better than a motorcycle race. I do.

It's quieter, it's safer, and it's far more adorable. Change my mind.

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10. Sometimes, parenting devolves into true anarchy.

Reddit | emperor_michinomiya

Enjoy that victory while it lasts, Dad, because you're also the one that's going to have to do the shopping to get more juju.

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11. This call center worker usually draws their callers, but decided to make a self-portrait instead.

Reddit | SerAntwon

Somehow, I know exactly what look is in their eyes even though they didn't draw any pupils.

You could say the word bubble is a big hint, but frankly, the job itself is an even bigger one.

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12. Old school rebellion.

Reddit | ellebeam

This may be the best mugshot I have ever seen. My favorite part is how they had to write the number on her sleeve because she wasn't going to let them put it anywhere else.

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13. Everyone in this room is technically in line.

Reddit | AnasKhurshid

Considering how grouchy and territorial people can be in these situations, it's kind of beautiful that everyone was able to agree that they'd all much rather be sitting down.

The system works!

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14. Honestly, I'm not sure why they bothered to give this kid detention.

Reddit | PootisPOWTF2

I would have thought that the self-own of saying this to someone with velcro shoes on would be punishment enough, but I don't have any power to abuse so what do I know?

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15. If I'd known this was an option, I'd have dressed my dog in a tux.

Reddit | TronXPlayz

Really, was any high school girl going to look at him with as much love as that cat is in the pic?

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16. This cat, however, is a dick.

Reddit | froli

Cats are clearly chaotic neutral. They don't care about rules enough to even purposefully break them.

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17. The smallest rebellions are also the most insidious.

Reddit | DetroitDiggler

Can you imagine how you'd react if someone handed you what you thought was a refreshing Coke and instead it tasted like flat Pepsi?

Ditto if you're a crazy person that prefers Pepsi, but there was Coke in a branded Pepsi cup.

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18. Not only did this person make it impossible to unsee their interpretation of this scene, but it makes the parents' prayers a lot funnier too.

Reddit | shart_warrior

"Lord, we thank you for bestowing upon us a child who can lift, bro."

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19. Yes, yes, I know. Cats aren't people, I'm fake news, say whatever you want.

Reddit | AmbivertPianist

The point is that cats laugh in the face of your plans and now we know exactly what face they make when they do it.

Frankly, I'm surprised that they could get out of the tree to pose like they wanted. That ain't bad.

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20. Even sheep are going to do their own thing regardless of consequences.

Reddit | Jaminro

Do you think the sheep regrets its choice or is totally cool with its new look?

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21. Part of me wants to say the cops didn't see that coming, but why else would this cow be here?

Reddit | skyzoid

Still, I have to say that this dude has to have an impressive knowledge of cow milk trajectories to know this would work.

It's much more elegant than just launching tear gas everywhere like some people.

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22. This light post was knocked down by a drunk driver.

Reddit | thednvrcoffeeco

The signage may be a coincidence, but I could also see the type of person that would choose to drive drunk also choosing to "stick it to the man" by aiming for the post.

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23. I'm sure many pilots have considered doing this.

Reddit | _like_food23

But one guy actually had the balls to do it.

Just tell kids it's a wonky top hat or something. They won't know any better.

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24. I may be overly optimistic , but I feel like the person in the SUV parked like this to troll the Corvette driver.

Reddit | rs559

And the kind of person willing to get a ticket just to make a point is the kind who can usually expect at least a little respect from me.

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25. This bird isn't going to let anything keep it away from its favorite nesting spot.

Reddit | Biggerthanbenhur

In fact, the bird would like to thank the nice humans for providing it with a heavily fortified home in which to safely lay its eggs.

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26. "I asked the customer to put numbers on their box...they used black stickers."

Reddit | elesr13

This is a case of malicious compliance if I've ever seen one.

I don't understand why people wouldn't want their house numbers obvious. It's not just about making mail carriers job easier. What if an ambulance can't find you house?

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27. "It's Saturday."

Reddit | rpodovich

This is the kind of harmless rebellion I can really get behind. It's like the "It's after noon somewhere!" excuse for day-drinking, but less likely to lead to actually alcoholism.

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28. Chaotic evil right there.

Reddit | Droppin__6s

On one hand, I get it, pool and beer go hand in hand, but there's a reason for the rule.

That table is really freaking hard to clean thoroughly after beer soaks into the felt and drains into the pockets.

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29. "They said chili on anything."

Reddit | Sterez79Studios

Some people just want to see the world burn...

This upsets me more than I ever could have predicted.

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30. Getting by on a technicality.

Reddit | KaptainTough

Is it annoying when lots have designated spots for people who aren't you? Sure, but these in particular are seen as a way to encourage people to buy the sort of environmentally-friendly vehicles that the truck definitely isn't.

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31. Part of me feels like I'm adding too much logic to this, but I think this person just wanted to tint their shoes differently.

Reddit | trihard_kkona

After all, on the list of insane things I've seen people do for clout, making every step squelchy and uncomfortable doesn't even crack the top 20.

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32. Apparently, this was a TSA agent's reaction to finding a vibrator.

Reddit | BizzytotheBone

That facial expression would definitely make me think I was lucky enough to get one with a sense of humor. And while there are some weird stuff you can't bring onto planes, I don't think that's one of them.

Well played, whoever brought that.

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33. The only way this makes sense is if the teacher was collecting homework right at the second this was taken.

Reddit | ladolan32

Even then, it's still kind of unclear why they're using their feet to finish up, but I'm mostly just impressed that they can.

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34. I definitely prefer these guys' interpretation of God as a hip fashionista to this church's alternative reading.

Reddit | KwableGuy

I suppose there's a reason why the gates are so pearly. Pearls are in right now, too.

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