12+ People Who Did Us Dirty

Paddy Clarke 25 Nov 2019

The question as to whether or not people are born evil is a fascinating philosophical question which has been a source of intrigue for humanity for generations. However, some of the people on this list can undoubtedly be used as proof for the argument that people definitely can be born evil

From tricking kids into drinking healthy drinks, to hiding thumb tacs in people's shoes, below you will find a collection of evil geniuses the likes of which the world has never before seen. So, strap in and strap on your Dr. Evil bald cap, as I present you with 12+ people who did us dirty.

1. The Cruelest Exam Of All

Reddit | verious_

I'm curious if this has ever actually happened to anyone? I used to hate multiple choice answers, I'd rather just have a normal exam, as I just used to panic about how many of each answer I had put down instead of worrying about if the answers were actually right.

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2. Stairway To Hurting

Reddit | dat_sylveon

The most effective way to kill an elderly relative. Either that or try to explain to them how to use Excel.

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3. The Most Evil Coworker

Reddit | Paradox_Infinite

This man actually ended up joining a cult for satanic worship after witnessing what he thought was a show of Satan's strength. All hail the dark lord!

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4. Chaotic Evil Professor

Reddit | e8odie

What would you pick? I like to think that I'd pick 2; but, I know that I'd pick 6, 'cause if I can't have 6 then I don't want anyone having anything!

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5. Picks Up Scissors

Reddit | Shaine_Memes

I think I've just discovered how I will be wrapping all of my family's presents this year. Thank you the internet for once again inspiring me with new ways to alienate myself from loved ones.

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6. "I thought I could trick my dog into eating food she didn't like by mixing it in with food she does like. I was wrong."

Reddit | TheGuestDJ

Look at her little face. That is a face that knows full well what you've just tried to pull, and isn't having any of that nonsense!

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7. Some Lego Blocks Just Want To Watch The World Burn

Reddit | fwooooosh

The scourge of parents everywhere. It is like Lego was specifically designed to be the single most painful thing to stand on in bare feet.

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8. "My friend’s parents did him dirty"

Reddit | TexanMcDaniel

It would also appear like your friend didn't age from year 3 up until year 11 of these photos being taken.

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9. The Cruelest Form Of Entertainment

Reddit | Wade1423

Forever chasing, but never quite capturing. This cat's life-pursuits are a lie, like all of our lifetime goals.

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10. Die Doing What You Love

Reddit | Doopiepooopie

It'd be sure as hell annoying breaking the glass and finding this, or it'd be the most fun life-threatening scenario you could ever be stuck in.

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11. "Fortune cookie did me dirty"

Reddit | jraychris

This is clearly from the unfortunate cookie range. Other responses include, "Happiness is a lie," and, "That work story you always tell isn't funny and no one likes you!"

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12. "Discovered my sister was pure evil in 1988"

Reddit | mikebianchini

Wow, this kid really didn't have the same attitude towards snitches that most kids have!

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13. "Had to unplug the touch lamp to prevent this adorable b*stard from turning it on whenever he was hungry at night."

Reddit | Delubear

Nothing will get in the way of a cat annoying you into submission when it comes to their hunger. I'm sure that turning this lamp on was simply replaced with maudlin yowling at 3AM.

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14. "There's an evil mastermind at my university."


I think I'd rather use the picture itself. Although it'd be a shame to ruin that picture of jigsaw in adorable little rollerblades.

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15. Don't Toy With My Heartstrings Like This

Reddit | ticktock44

This is the most evil ploy of all, as it has an undercurrent of wanting to make you healthier hidden in the evil.

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16. "The Air and Space Museum"

Reddit | journeyman369

The best $20 that you could ever spend, you get exactly what you pay for!

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17. Purrrrre Evil

Reddit | allywarner

What could this cat possibly be getting out of this? Oh that's right, cats get pleasure from seeing those around them suffer, how could I forget.

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18. "I can't wait to have kids"

Reddit | Cuppycakess_

Why wouldn't you pick something like orange juice instead of apple juice? Then at least you're in the same flavour wheelhouse!

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19. Trick Or Treat

Reddit | happyaccident7

It's not even been boiled! If a pigeon gets in at that and chows down, that will 'cause them to explode.

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20. "Somehow I think that this is a lie."

Reddit | MyJelloJiggles

I think this person has taken the idea of a drive-tru a little too far.

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