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15+ People Who Just Need To Start Over Again

Ryan Ford 25 Nov 2019

We all have those days were it feels like we can't do anything right and we should really just hop back into bed, sleep the bad day away, and start over again fresh tomorrow. I mean, we do, right? It's not just me?

Judging by the pics below, it can't be just me. The folks behind these blunders might even be hiding under the sheets trying to forget these unfortunate moments right now.

1. "When you accidentally press an extra zero on the timer."

Reddit | TallRabbit

You have to think there was likely an ill-timed call from nature involved as well.

Why else wouldn't they have done something before the fire broke out, not to mention taking a pic before putting it out.

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2. The old "ball gets stuck and the ball thrown to knock it loose gets stuck too" trick.

Reddit | Sandrozzz

I guess the good thing is that it's only a ball. I've definitely lost shoes the same way. Now that is truly a walk of shame.

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3. A swing and a miss.

Reddit | MisoSoup9000

Back in the '80s, A&W famously tried to one-up the McDonald's quarter-pounder with a 1/3 pound burger, but it bombed because people thought it was smaller. Some things never change.

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4. Keep your eye on the lady in the lower right.

Not sure her dog earned any treats that day. Just talk about perfectly unfortunate timing. You couldn't have done worse if you planned it.

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5. Either engravers need proofreaders, or people getting engravings need proofreaders.

Reddit | d2181

Because that's not a simple fix. You can't just white that out.

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6. Something isn't quite adding up here.

Reddit | zachattack172

There are better, less expensive ways to not lose your AirPods than wrapping them in Beats, are there not?

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7. To be fair, getting ink out of a jacket isn't easy.

There has to be a trick to it, and I kind of thought this had a chance. Maybe with a lighter touch?

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8. Security isn't what it used to be.

Reddit | TheBloodkill

Maybe it's intended to be a quick release system? That's the best I've got to explain this.

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9. When you're too cool for your own good.

Reddit | Mr_31415

Who could possibly have seen that coming? It's just like riding a bike with no hands, right?

Hope it was worth the Instagram points!

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10. Talk about the passion of the Christ, amirite?

For some reason I am reminded of the parable of the loaves and the fishes.

You know what? Have some fun with it, folks. It's ripe for Biblical double entendres, so have at it.

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11. In retrospect, probably should have seen this coming.

Reddit | MyJelloJiggles

...As it were.

Hammer cookies look way too much like "hammer" cookies. But I don't think they're a complete write-off, depending on the icing — or they audience you're feeding.

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12. Yes, Braille signs are much safer behind glass.

Reddit | Stefander121

And I'm sure somebody put a lot of work into making it. Now, if only it was actually useful.

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13. Dads are the best thing that ever happened to Facebook.

But, I mean, did he get any good offers? Because he should offload those seals pronto. They're going to eat him out of herring in a heartbeat.

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14. If I had a nickel for every time I had done this...

Reddit | henri_ga

I would have exactly five cents more to my name. Not the sort of thing you do twice.

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15. It's like a Renaissance painting for the 21st century.

All this communication technology at our fingertips, and no idea how to actually communicate with it.

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16. Oh, Nana.

Reddit | WingoWangoJuango

If there's anything better to happen to Facebook than dads, it's grandmas. She means well!

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17. "I ordered a cheeseburger with only ketchup at McDonald's and this is what they made me."

Reddit | _carollelogram

Sure, you want to point and laugh at the poor minimum wage kid who put this together, but to be fair, they get some weird requests. So you never know.

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18. Well, this is awkward.

Reddit | ottoschneck9

I guess "Even Batman had to listen to Alfred" wouldn't have the same appeal, but still. Mind you, trying to come up with a superhero who isn't an orphan is a tall task.

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19. Hmmm, I think somebody forgot an important step before the broadcast began.

Reddit | JukeboxSommelier

Otherwise, somebody let the internet name them. Nobody's parents would be this cruel.

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20. I'm getting mixed messages.

Reddit | Melodynamic

The good news is that they would have had to print off a new sign quickly whether they noticed or not, because you know this would be ripped off to hang in a college dorm somewhere.

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21. Not the fiber anybody was looking for in their diet.

Reddit | patriarchalrobot

Rumor has it that fruit stickers are perfectly edible — they're not — but being able to successfully digest something is a pretty low benchmark for food.

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22. I somehow doubt this is advertising a David Copperfield performance.

Reddit | victorbdasilva

Nevertheless, I'm sure it was a roaring success at generating attention. Just not the kind that the advertiser was looking for.

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23. Whoever installed this ramp needs to go back to class.

Reddit | 1-2-3-G

I don't know what's worse for accessibility: a complete lack of a ramp, or one that gets you halfway to your goal. What a tease.

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24. Somebody had to have seen this before putting it on store shelves, right?

Reddit | GeneralShawn

I really don't know how anybody could possibly have failed to pick up on the blue printing making the words blend into the blue shirt.

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25. Privacy and confidentiality sure isn't what it used to be.

Reddit | Butter_Scotch_

You almost want to give them credit for trying, but wow, this does not seem like the kind of situation where half measures are worth anything.

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26. What's that saying, measure once, cut once?

Reddit | DaNewestGurl

I mean, it's fine as long as they never want to actually turn the ceiling fan on. Seems like an odd choice for a mere decoration though.

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27. There's a quick and effective lesson on how not to set up group chats.

Reddit | DideEge52

Here's a better plan: Pick one person you want to romance at a time, and then romance them. If it doesn't work out, move along.

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28. Oh, that feeling when you know you've screwed up big time.

And that's truly an impressive mess. No word on whether the poor guy did lose his job, but if not, at least it's not the sort of thing he could do again, probably not even if he tried.

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29. I tried not to laugh, but oh man, that's a good one.

Reddit | cooljelly56

The "secret life of pets" is the one they get when they come back from the dead. What a double-feature!

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30. A mistake so fresh you can still smell the paint.

Reddit | milordi

Which should make it easier to clean up and fix, right? Because that's how these things always work.

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31. Mind you, I think I'd rather have to fix the stop marker than this.

Reddit | iiCommon

Usually you just have to worry about a fork in the road. Hey-o!

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32. Now this is just the chef's kiss of fails.

Reddit | Boddup

Almost too perfect to be believed, but so on point that you have to believe it. I mean, it's definitely how badly it would go for me, too.

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33. "Never cutting onions and listening to music at the same time again," wrote this uploader.

Reddit | Egg_Dad

Probably wouldn't hurt to use a cutting board that's a different color than your headphone cord, too. Just a thought.

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34. I'd say I was having my leg severely pulled if not for the pic on the right.

Reddit | M0RALVigilance

There's a saying that goes something along the lines of, "Never commit to a mistake just because you put a lot of time and effort into making it?"

Well, somebody sure did commit to it.

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35. Reminder: Fonts are important.

Reddit | Jamez7484

If the engraver had only used Roman numerals, everything would have been fine. Now, I have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach about the future.

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