17+ People Who Took Instructions Way Too Literally

Paddy Clarke 26 Nov 2019

The world we live in is full of rules and regulations that we are blindly meant to follow! Look, if I want to reheat my pizza despite the Domino's box telling me not to, nothing is going to stop me!

However, sometimes signs telling us what to do can be a little confusing, more often than not due to people struggling to include appropriate grammar in their signs. And, as a result, people with a penchant for the overly-literal can often find themselves in a bit of a pickle when they follow the word of the law a little too literally.

So, with that in mind, please find below, 17+ people who took instructions way too literally!

1. 'Stranger Thing' Music Starts Playing

Reddit | tyler21_

It's always difficult for New Zealanders to adapt to life in Portugal when they make the move. Thank God they have exceptionally sturdy noggins.

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2. "To be fair most animals would be okay"

Reddit | Masked_Death

This is a level of smart-arsery that I can really get on board with. Anything that involves a penguin in some form or another deserves all of the upvotes in the world in my opinion.

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3. She Is A Car In Human Form

Reddit | Hazzadaz

I dread to think of the bloodbath that occurs when she sees a "Keep an eye out for motorcycles" sign.

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4. Watch Out For The Sign!

Reddit | trumpet4lyf3

For most elderly people, the world is their parking space. They've spent the rest of their life living by social conventions, so in their final years, they just want to rebel a little.

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5. I Guess There's Only One Thing To Do

Reddit | shantanu011

"Steve, what on Earth is that smell?"

"Just following what the sign says Barry, not my fault I'm a law-abiding citizen."

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6. He's Not Wrong

Reddit | brdzgt

I can't work out whether that thing on the bottom right of the picture is a walking stick or an incredibly long piece of dog poop.

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7. "Well, it is green."

Reddit | Midniteoyl

Perhaps one of the most simultaneously green and wildly un-green cars of all time.

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8. Domino's

Reddit | Jjjj622

Dear Lord, I hope that there weren't any pizzas in those boxes, otherwise, this picture just became a tragedy.

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9. Winky Face

Reddit | llondru-es

I understand that people would tick the sheet, but the winky face is a little ominous, what on Earth did they leave in that cubicle?!

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10. Stuck Between A Truck And A Long Wheel Base

Reddit | Sezess

Looks like you'd better just pull over! They're both in all caps which means that they are very important and must be followed.

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11. Still Life

Reddit | Fudgcicle

This will go down alongside some of the grates. A piece symbolic of the connections we make with others.

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12. His Bank Account Must Have Been Frozen

Reddit | Ortesk

This is how I'm going to pay the all of my taxes now. Shipments of single dollar bills frozen in blocks of ice shipped straight to the government.

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13. What Could It Be?

Reddit | Lichewitz

As funny as this is, can you imagine trying to find a specific book on that shelf? The appeal of this joke would wear off real quick I can tell you that.

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14. "Look ma, no hands!"

Reddit | kingeryck

Now, is it just me, or is that a spectacularly tiny bike that fella is riding?

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15. A*

Reddit | spicerldn

Although, they missed the full stop off of the end, so that's a stone-cold fail I'm afraid. Always read the question twice!

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16. The Importance Of Hyphens

Reddit | throatfrog

As someone accurately pointed out, the sign does say "Drive thru", not "Drive-thru". It's similar to the classic, "Let's eat grandma", compared to, "Let's eat, grandma". God forbid you would be stuck eating with your elderly relatives when you could be consuming their flesh for sustenance.

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17. For Forks Sake

Reddit | DrCapn

How else are they meant to open it? With the sharpened remains of shattered childhood dreams?

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18. Poor Bill

Reddit | fwnoqt3141gf

Just be glad that their name isn't William, this could have taken a much more gruesome turn.

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19. Too Realistic

Reddit | ElegantMonkeyMan

This person helpfully explained, "My history prof wanted us to write a paragraph from any historical figure's point of view and urged us to be as 'Realistic as possible.'"

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20. Heads Up!

Reddit | zer0w0rries

We always had throw pillows in our house, because my mother for some reason thought we needed them, but I've never heard of a "toss pillow". Can someone please explain what one is?

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