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10+ Hilarious People Who Captured The Human Experience In All Its Glory

Paddy Clarke 27 Nov 2019

Life: what really is the point of it all? A question that has occupied the minds of some of humanity's most prominent thinkers. And, in the end, it is a question which has very little bearing on our actual day to day life. I mean, unless knowing the meaning of life is going to help me out with my student debt, it's more akin to something which I'd only like to know in case it ever came up on a pub quiz.

Some people, however, have devoted their time on Earth to capturing brief snapshots of what human experience really means, only for them to tweet it or upload it in the form of a meme to Reddit. These people are modern philosophers. So, in honor of these people, here are 10+ hilarious people who captured the human experience in all its glory!


Twitter | @RallycrossRS

Perhaps one of the most relatable tweets of all time. I'm definitely a hashafashasha kind of person. I mean, who has the time to actually wait for food to cool down?

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2. It's Informative And Fun!

Twitter | @TheDweck

The National Geographic at the party is the person who brings a bag of trail mix and a few tins of cider but doesn't know anyone else there so kind of lurks around. I have been this person far too many times.

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3. There Goes Thanksgiving

Twitter | @stevevsninjas

Way to go Steve, you've made grandma cry again!

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4. Feelin' Snacky

Reddit | Dannyp97123

There's nothing worse than going to someone's house and realising that they don't at least have a bag of chips you can swipe off them. I mean come on, people, if you're gonna invite people around, at least have the decency to stock up!

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5. My Heart Will Go On

Reddit | prochazkaa

One day... one day they will remember to take me with them, and I will frolic free in the land of banana peels and dead skin flakes like I was meant to.

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6. The Pinnacle Of Evolution

Reddit | gdj11

Truly, Aaron Smith, you have peaked. I would be interested to know if this actually got him a date.

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7. Screams

Twitter | @moutheaters

They're right, you know! Try it now, right in the middle of whatever it is that you are doing! At work? Scream! In the shops? Scream your bloody lungs out!

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8. "My husband, everyone"


Look, the sooner they get rid of the strawberry in the middle of Neapolitan ice cream, the better! Landfills can cease being full of melted strawberry ice cream!

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9. Sees Spots

Reddit | KyrieEleison_88

For some reason, the check oil light is the one that I find particularly relevant to this situation.

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10. The Pain Of Existence

Twitter | @Y2SHAF

It must be nice to have enough money to be able to flaunt your extreme wealth in the most inconsiderate way possible while so many people struggle to support their family or can't even find a home.

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11. Weird Flex, But Okay

Reddit | adeptopeth212

Someone needs to invent an app that locks you out of being able to contact certain people after a certain amount of drinks, people who have recently come out of a relationship would eat that up!

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12. Oh Thanks, I Love It!

Twitter | @FrazzleMyGimp

I can't wait to see what random item I receive for Christmas this year from a fairly distant relative that will end up going into a cupboard for a few years before it makes its way to a charity shop.

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13. Every Night

Reddit | itsyaboy_spidey

The longer you try not to think about it, the more you realise you need to go. And the longer you wait, convincing yourself you don't need to go, the longer you are just postponing the inevitable.

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14. Life Is Better Alone!

Twitter | @SonOfDadAndMom

"Haha, check out this funny meme I just saw..."

Looks around to cricket sounds

"Oh, wait, yeah."

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15. It's Just My Face

Reddit | Rabbit0312

There's nothing quite like the unique struggle of having a resting bitch face. Just because I look like I'm about to throw an empty water bottle at you doesn't mean I'm going to — I might do it, though.

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16. The F Is For Flipping

Twitter | @BruhTag

I am not ashamed to admit that I was that person. I always ended up being about 2000 words over the word count on the first draft of any essay, even if it was only a 500-word paper.

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17. Strawberry Big Mac

Twitter | @ChicksRule

I mean, they're entitled to ask I guess. Nobody wants strawberries on their Big Mac; also, no one wants gherkins either!

Can everyone now admit they taste like vegetable feet that hate you?

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18. One For The Album

Reddit | deeisnotabird

That dog looks like a videogame sprite that is glitching out! Also, you're lucky to get your dog out in the snow. Our dog refuses to go because it's cold on his feet.

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19. It's Called Parenting


Well, maybe if their faces weren't so darn squishable, their faces would go un-squished. Pretty sure some moms out there have tried it too.

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20. That 4 AM Ambition

Reddit | Mumbletimes

Nothing like making plans while in the throes of insomnia! Who says you need to be asleep to delude yourself with grand and unrealistic dreams?

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21. Clean-Up, Aisle .50

Reddit | phoenixreborn75

It is pretty amazing how the shell casings in action flicks disappear. And to think of the economies that could be supported by all that brass.

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22. Speaking Of Unrealistic Movies

Twitter | @shutupmikeginn

As if any of us is about to spend their last moments on earth digging. That's precious time and effort that could be spent on begging and pleading.

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23. Surrender Is Just Sensible

Reddit | Gallmancartoons

Martha Stewart has her methods, and I have mine. My way might have more wrinkles, but the grief saved is immeasurable.

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24. It Was A Good Dog, Brent

Imgur | NTwoO

If you can't trust a dog's judgement, whose can you trust? Marketing execs, take note: More dogs in commercials.

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25. "Rings in three tones. Loud, repeat, and howl."

Reddit | moderately_nerdifyin

The good news is that you'll never miss out on a package being dropped off, so there's that.

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26. "I designed the Family Feud Fender to quickly remove yourself from family holiday drama."

Reddit | rightcoastguy

It's perfect for the holiday seasons. Now you can avoid the crippling awkwardness when your family begin tearing each other to shreds this holiday season!

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27. Share The Warmth

Reddit | Yaggamy

It feels good to provide for your loved ones, doesn't it? Oh, the countless hours of joy from re-watching The Office again and again.

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28. If Only

Twitter | @Emilyyykathrynn

Like, it's a dream, but it's not a dream. Who knows what services Amazon will provide for us in the future? Don't say it can't happen!

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29. Funny How That Happens

Reddit | MarinoNY

'Tis the season, don't try to deny it. It's way more fun to just embrace that spirit and go along for the sleigh ride.

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30. "From Mom & Dad"

Twitter | @clurrrburr547

It's the thought that counts! Or, the thought that went towards the thought that counts!

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31. There's Always One

Reddit | BluffRatt212

I think this might be a license to yell at parties, if nothing else. So, you're welcome.

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32. Where's The Lie?

Reddit | PamaHow

But then, if you can read between the lines, you can usually find the thread of passive aggressiveness in their posts.

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33. This Is The Way

Imgur | cornmann51

And you know you're going to want your strongest armor for that trip, too. Because that kid is going to the store.

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34. I Feel Attacked

Imgur | laceylaceylacey346

There's no need to be so...accurate. Maybe it's a sign that trailers are too long and entertaining, not that I'm a popcorn vacuum?

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35. Not A Bold Move, Cotton

Twitter | @drakingtho

Eventually spring will come and the ice will just break itself, right? Sure, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, but your shooting percentage doesn't suffer as badly either.

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