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14+ People Who Took A Few Creative Liberties

Paddy Clarke 27 Nov 2019

Some people are born creative. You know the types, they draw in crayon all over the walls when they're a child and cause mass arguing and destruction! Thankfully, when creative people get older, they are normally able to channel their talents into more interesting pursuits than scribbling on the walls in crayon — although sometimes nothing beats drawing on the walls in crayon!

Below, you will find examples of some of the finest creative minds that humanity currently has to offer. Forget taking a trip to the MoMA, for here are 14+ people who took a few creative liberties that are guaranteed to knock your artsy socks off!

1. You Have Been Warned!

Reddit | ccalabrese01

Every pen that anyone lends out should bear a warning like this! The amount of pens that I never got back in high school is ridiculous!

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2. "Lacoste is making bread now"

Reddit | BogdanTheRomanian

Now, I know that there are a lot of companies trying to be all trendy and kooky these days, but putting dead lizards into your bread is a no go for me I'm afraid.

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3. "Let’s see you little punks smash my letterbox now"

Reddit | Girthquakenz

I'd love to see one of them come up and try and kick it over, then just bounce off it while rattling like they do in Tom & Jerry when they get hit with a plank of wood.

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4. Spare Tyre

Reddit | prolificpeccant

I wonder if that log is road legal? It actually took me a long time to realize that it was a log; mainly because, well, I wasn't expecting to see a log being used as a wheel.

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5. Statue Assault

Reddit | been_der_done_that

If you or anyone you know has been the victim of abuse at the stone hands of a statue, please call the helpline number shown at the bottom of your screen now.

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6. "Burger King trolling Wendy’s with their Cards Against Humanity-like game"

Reddit | jayfinnigan

Ah Burger King, with your hilarious marketing campaigns and burgers that taste like a fecal rat crushed between two wet flannels, you do make us laugh!

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7. Hut!

Reddit | ThatGuy11115555

I don't know if that field is regulation, but it's pretty decent for a home effort!

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8. "Made my best friend the perfect wedding gift! It’s made of cardboard and the real gift is inside."

Reddit | ydnarim

Yeah, you may think it's a funny and nice idea, but you should see what "gift" he's left for his friend inside!

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9. Creative Advertising

Reddit | generalbunit

Ah, here's another brand using great advertising techniques to distract from the reality of their product. Bud Light tastes like if a rat could urinate out pennies.

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10. Tiny Bull For Sale

Reddit | Kachiner

I wouldn't mess with this angry little fella! I'm also immensely embarrassed by how long it took me to realize that this was a dog and not just a tiny bull with massive horns.

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11. Creative Solutions To Pee-Based Problems

Reddit | junkmans_treasure

That cat looks like it knows exactly what it has done, but can't see what the big deal is. "Yes, the house smells of pee, you're welcome!"

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12. Call Now!

Reddit | faab64

"Hello, this is Taco Bell, what's your emergency?"

"I accidentally ate some of your food!"

"No worries Sir, we'll send a large coffee and an extraction team as quickly as possible!"

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13. "I can't decide if this kid wins most creative or least creative sign."

Reddit | GPilla

This is the most multipurpose sports banner of all time, you can take it to literally any sporting event! Except golf, 'cause that's not a real sport of course.

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14. "He Got A Half Point Because He's Right...And I Like The Creativity"

Reddit | PizzaSaucez

I also like that if you look closely, you can see that he had written 1896 first, and then realized his mistake and rubbed it out!

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15. "Someone got creative with our community fountain this morning."

Reddit | AcidBurns95

While this looks like a hilarious and amazing idea, it can apparently cause an amazing amount of damage to the pumps and cost the neighborhood a fortune.

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16. "Ma'am, our lack of power outlets wasn't a hint that you should get creative..."

Reddit | not4u2see

I'm baffled by this. Apparently there is an adaptor that you can get which makes this possible. Why anyone would carry one around with them though is beyond me!

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17. Takes Rip

Reddit | Melissakbi

I'd love to know how many elderly people were confused by this sign or thought that driving high meant having your seat elevated.

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18. "A very informative sign I came across today in Nebraska"

Reddit | theperk

Ah, finally, a sign that shows directions to where it feels like my life is headed. Endless loops until I eventually plummet into Hell. Hooray! Existentialism!

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19. Bark, Bark, Bark!

Reddit | iseewutudid_thur

I love the idea of dogs stopping to read this sign, then tutting and moving along.

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20. "Wife vetoed my birth announcement design..."

Reddit | TimeRaveler

Yes, I wonder why she did this? It's almost as if mothers don't typically like their children being compared to freakish alien beings.

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