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10+ Funny Folks Who Tell It Like It Is

Paddy Clarke 28 Nov 2019

Honesty really is the best policy! Aside from the myriad times that it definitely isn't — such as, laughing at your boss's terrible jokes, or telling your nan that you really do love that sweater she bought you! However, while most of us try to be as honest as we can in life, there are some people out there who take honesty to new levels of hilarity. Whether it be by pointing things out that other people would probably let slide, or by just being honest about how they really feel about you and your life choices.

So, without further ado, here are 10+ funny folks who tell it like it is, like it really really is, yeah tell you like it is, like it really really is, who wanna, who wanna, who wanna, who wanna, who just really really really wanna tell you like it is!

1. "'Why is Santa peeing on the pancakes?' — my 4 year old."

Reddit | MyJelloJiggles

It's a powerful moment in your childhood when your parents finally tell you the secret about where maple syrup really comes from.

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2. "When the big kid sits in front of the class."

Reddit | ROOTBEER360

I always found it a fun little game to fill in the blanks that you're missing on the back of their head. No quicker way to get your ass kicked though I tell you that.

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3. Mr. Worldwide

Reddit | smokedspirit

Good to know that they never forgot their roots though, always stay true to where you are from!

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4. "I work at a call center. Sometimes I like to draw my callers; but today I thought I’d switch it up a bit. I drew myself:"

Reddit | SerAntwon

This guy's got real talent! It's just a shame he isn't making money from it! Unless you classify Reddit karma as money, which some people do.

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5. "Landlord left a note saying 'No hot water. Sorry for the inconvenience' What he really meant was..."

Reddit | Hansel_SHRN_Hansel

Wow, an actual honest landlord, that's rare! I mean, they're still a terrible landlord, but at least they're honest about it!

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6. "Someone's having a bad day..."

Reddit | rexdani

Is there anything more infuriating than a car alarm going off in the middle of the night? I don't even know why manufacturers bother installing them considering no one actually goes to check if a car is being broken into, they just tut.

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7. "Seen in Manchester yesterday. First I laughed, the I realized it was true..."

Reddit | Raller91

This would be funny if it wasn't so damn tragic. Hooray for torrential political instability!

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8. "Taking high school football playoff trash talk to a whole new level."

Reddit | headexpl0dy

"Jokes on you bozo, I don't have a girlfriend, so there!"


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9. "If your lawyers pants look like this you going to jail."

Reddit | GameOfLevels

Go straight to jail! Do not pass Go, do not collect £200.

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10. "I've just been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. This was on the card that came with the flowers my sisters sent me"

Reddit | wednesdaysxchild

It's good that they've got a good sense of humor I guess!

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11. "Its underwear season in my hometown again"

Reddit | Simon_S_Photography

Underwear season you say? Well, that sounds like a truly terrible idea for the winter months. Unless you can get your hands on some thermal underpants if such a thing exists.

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12. Asshole Alert

Reddit | CarbonCopier

The thing that really ties this whole note together is the little plaster with smiley faces on it at the top. Such a stroke of genius.

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13. Isabella Dropping Hard Truth Nuggets

Reddit | CarbonCopier

I mean, I guess she's not wrong? It sounds oddly sincere while being skin-crawlingly ruthless at the same time — well done Isabella, you've won Thanksgiving.

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14. Welcome Back To Work Cake!

Reddit | back_

Now, I'm no detective, but I'm guessing that the guy was off work due to some sort of stabbing related injury.

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15. "I wonder how long the asshole will look for the scratch I didn’t make."

Reddit | fleshflavoredgum

Leaving a note saying that you have dented someone's car when you actually haven't is probably even better than actually leaving a dent! Unless you just want to dent it I guess, it's on you whichever you choose!

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16. "Oh Liam..."

Reddit | PootisPOWTF2

Jesus Liam, you got 2 hours for that?! That lunch lady must have some powerful allies in the school's upper management. There's corruption everywhere I tell ya!

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17. Are You Ready For This?

Reddit | chuddles33

Considering the amount of punctuation he used bleeping out the swear word, you'd have thought he could have used a single possessive apostrophe in "Andrews" at least.

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18. "I designed the Family Feud Fender to quickly remove yourself from family holiday drama."

Reddit | rightcoastguy

Now, when your aunt starts talking about how your cousin is a really successful banker, you can escape her snide grin with ease.

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19. "My 9 year old son put this on our front door. He thought it was for nut allergy awareness. Don't have the heart to tell him."

Reddit | Areoseph

This is the most pure interpretation of No Nut November. Can we start a petition to make No Nut November about spreading awareness for people with nut allergies instead, please?!

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20. "My Cybertruck came with no wheels or windows."

Reddit | OneStepFromHell43

The fact that the wheels are missing is a bummer. However, judging from that tech demo, you're better off not having the windows. Don't know how you'd see where you were going, but I'm sure you'd figure it out.

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