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15+ Pics Of Totally Normal Situations That Shouldn't Freak Anybody Out

Most of the time, when we stumble upon a really weird situation, there's at least one person who seems as confused and mildly alarmed as we are.

No matter what's unfolding in front of us, there's at least some comfort in being able to agree that nothing about it is normal. However, there are some rare situations where this sadly isn't the case.

The resulting feeling is something akin to culture shock, but at times like these, it's not as if we've entered an unfamiliar country, but rather an unfamiliar world.

So even though we know we're not the weird ones for reacting to situations like these that pass without anyone else's commentary, that knowledge might soon find itself crumbling.

1. This image was simply captioned "Boris and his camel," which doesn't really clear things up about this scene.

Reddit | plainprogram

Believe me, my problem wasn't that I was having trouble identifying the animal or that I was embarrassed about not knowing this guy's name.

I just need to know what Boris is trying to accomplish here.

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2. Whether it's time to quit or just time to clean out the car, one thing is clear: This needs to stop.

Reddit | browndoctormoustache

If a habit has people forming burnt caverns filled with fire hazards in their cars, it's officially gotten out of hand.

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3. Unless this is part of some weird test by the manufacturer, it almost seems hard to believe that this is real.

Reddit | flashmann95

I know there isn't quite as much variety in car design nowadays, but this looks a little too much much a glimpse into some gray, dystopian near-future.

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4. We can usually assume that someone who plows into a stop sign was either drunk or not paying attention.

Reddit | VanishedWithoutATres

In this case, however, it would be a little easier to sympathize with the driver because when you give the brain this many contradictory commands, you can only blame yourself for what happens next.

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5. No matter how good this sushi tastes, I can't imagine that it would feel very easy to eat it.

Reddit | ywnwalfc

I'd ask why these rolls were made in the shape of baby's faces, but I'm already a little afraid of the answer.

Ugh, and why did they have to be so well-executed?

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6. If it weren't for one minor detail, this would've been a pretty good parking job.

Reddit | million_monkeys

I mean, they lined their car up well with the other vehicles and left a decent amount of space for them.

It's just too bad that they made the rookie mistake of forgetting that the wheels go on the ground.

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7. Are...are we supposed to assume that the bear managed to hail this cab?

Reddit | VanceVanTol

Not only should this furry giant have a really good tip set aside for the driver, but it would have to be the world's smartest bear to give any indication of where it wants to go.

I mean, there's no non-insane explanation for this, but what I just wrote can't be true. It's just too much.

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8. I'll definitely give this person one thing: nobody can ever question their acrobatic abilities.

Reddit | yagmi-

And if I wasn't so weirded out about what could have possibly possessed them to take a nude trick shot in such a scary mask, I'd award them massive style points for the way they're holding that phone as well.

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9. I've got to say, this meal doesn't look particularly nutritious or particularly delicious.

Reddit | mydoghasnotoes

Not only does this fuzzy worm not have nearly enough meat on it to fill me up, but I'm pretty sure it's made of the same stuff they put on pipe cleaners.

I don't think you're supposed to eat that stuff.

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10. The uploader claims to have found a tooth in their pizza, but whatever it is, it definitely wasn't edible.

Reddit | specialkid0

Still, if I had to choose between ordering a pizza from the same place and eating the fuzzy worm thing from before, I think I'd pick this before lamenting cruel fate.

At least this pizza is mostly edible.

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11. Every time the teacher left the room when I was in school, I always figured that something like this would happen.

Reddit | Fluoxetine

Sadly, the kids at my school were rarely this creative with their destructive behaviors. Although there was that time they utterly destroyed a school computer's disk drive by jamming eraser bits and pencil shavings into it.

That was something.

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12. I know that people consider it a defeat if they can't bring their groceries into the house in one trip, but I didn't know carrot harvests worked the same way.

Reddit | Bo33o

If I didn't know better, I'd assume that this...interesting storage strategy was all Bugs Bunny's idea. After all, there's no way these are all staying on the truck.

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13. Somebody decided to make a big baby sculpture out of a bunch of smaller baby sculptures and now you have to live with that fact.

Reddit | MtgWarlock

And no, you're not the only one who just pictured what would happen if this monstrosity came to life like the monster in some darkly bizarre anime.

So at least you can take comfort in that.

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14. It actually seemed like whoever pranked this guy went to way more trouble than it was worth even if that meant seeing his bemused facial expression.

Reddit | Lyko5

Oddly enough, this giant boarding pass actually made it through security fine. I guess it still had all the information they needed to know, but just in an absurdly large form.

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15. I'm not sure what's stranger about this: That somebody armed these lobsters or that they seem to understand what that means.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

I obviously underestimated how mad lobsters can get at each other because I wouldn't have guessed that they could learn how to use guns just from sheer force of rage.

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16. I will gladly give all the respect I can muster to whoever is intense enough to use this ATM.

Reddit | mohair69

Although unlike many of the things on this list, there's an explanation that at least makes this somewhat easy to understand.

Namely, that this ATM is found in Australia.

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17. This sign was made by a well-intentioned, but very confused nine-year-old.

Reddit | Areoseph

Somehow, he heard about No Nut November, but he's under the impression that it has to do with allergy awareness.

I don't know about y'all, but I'm OK with letting him think that for now.

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18. It's not too unusual for a cat to hang out on the roof, but that cat is usually a little smaller than this.

Reddit | Fazlul101

I'm not sure if I should find it comforting or even more worrying that this mountain lion has just decided to make itself at home.

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19. I see your mountain lion and raise you a panther.

Reddit | mathmu59

These cats aren't sleeping in the jungle, people. They're on your roofs just waiting for you to try and hang your Christmas lights.

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20. There are bear rugs and then there's...this.

Reddit | fearandloathingstl

This person won a KFC contest and became the proud owner of a Colonel Sanders rug and if that's not a conversation starter then I don't know what is. It's also horrifying but that's neither here nor there.

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21. She's just trying to spread the word before it's too late.

Reddit | Icyninekills

The terrifying part here isn't that this woman made up a sign trying to convince people of this kid-robot-slave theory; it's that she actually believes it and she is definitely insane so who knows what other lengths she will go to to prove her point.

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22. Am I the only one who gets actual, uncomfortable chills from this lizard in a microwave?

Reddit | blackwngbrd

How did it get in there? How did it end up in the display screen? How is the person going to get this lizard out again? Is it even alive anymore?!

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23. "My Venus Flytrap uses all its energy to make 200 mouths instead of growing big."

Reddit | penboiyi

I don't think I can put into words how much I hate this picture and everything it represents.

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24. Every funeral needs a cake of grandpa, right?

Reddit | a-streetcar-desire

I personally don't like those little girls lining up for a slice of ol' gramps and I especially don't like how excited they look. Yeah, cake is cake, but tell me you could actually sit down and eat your slice with his mustache on it.

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25. This unusual family painting hangs in a local ice cream parlor and has nothing to do with ice cream.

Reddit | FatProduce

But it has everything to do with inexplicably showing a kid sporting a particularly bad black eye and offers zero explanation as to how he might have gotten it. You want to think it's from a school yard scuffle but who really knows for sure.

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26. Okay but... why is there a stuffed dog riding around in the passenger seat to begin with?

Reddit | CarneyBarney

As freaky as it is to look at this taxidermy dog, I'm sure the real reason for its presence is the car is more along the lines of depressing, so I think I'd just rather not know.

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27. I think you're going to want to hold it for now.

Reddit | whatisuniqueusername

This toilet bowl is just about the biggest "nope" throne I've ever seen in my life. Notice that dark shape under the lid? Oh, that's just a snake that I'm sure wouldn't take too kindly to being inside the toilet while you use the facilities.

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28. Speaking of toilets, here are a few more I think you should definitely pass on when nature calls.

Reddit | bipidibopidibo

While some people online speculate this bizarre sighting is all part of an art installation, others have disagreed and pointed out the sheer absurdity of the set up. Either way, this picture creeps me out for some reason and I want no part of it.

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29. Apparently this man's gravestone was built this way so he could look into his wife's face "for eternity."

Reddit | Futurist110

Well, as beautiful of a sentiment as that is, it still makes for a remarkably terrifying scene to stumble across in the graveyard. And why doesn't his beloved wife have a body?

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30. So this is a sculpture of a giant, pink, demonic-looking bunny devouring a human man.

Reddit | malgoya

Artist Adam Trbušek intended to show "a man imprisoned by the system's mechanism, totally helpless, ill, and devoted to his desires and whims."

But I don't think that really explains things at all.

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31. Hey kids, let's pick which item would best chop up Slicey the Pig!

Reddit | lovelikeapathy

It's so nice to get children involved in the slaughtering process, and the fact that Slicey is already halved makes this activity all the more disturbing.

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32. What you're looking at here is a glass eye museum exhibit that also happens to be looking at you, too.

Reddit | burnrobe

Did the hairs on the back of anyone else's neck just stand up or am I the only one feeling all creeped out by these few dozen eye balls?

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33. As a person whose been over six feet tall since puberty hit, I'm sorry if I ever put anyone in this position.

Reddit | ROOTBEER360

In my defense, I tended to sequester myself to the back row as soon as I got glasses. I tried my best to make sure my head wasn't the star of everyone's notes.

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34. Considering that the water is already lapping at the girl on the right's feet, I'm guessing they're aware this boat is sinking.

Reddit | valyavinogradov00

So I guess they weren't about to abandon ship until they got something perfectly Instagram-worthy. Weird flex, but OK.

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