7+ Low-Key Tattoo Designs That Basically Go With Everything

When people think of tattoos, usually something extreme comes to mind like a full sleeve or a whole back tattoo. Of course, everyone tends to freak out. But if you're thinking of getting inked you must know there are other options out there.

I'm talking about subtle designs that don't take up too much space and will basically please everyone — even your disapproving parents.

1. This Super Cute Heart

OMG, I just love this awesome heart design idea. It's totally not overwhelming but still shows off your rad personality. This is the bomb.

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2. This Cool Flower

I bet nobody will even notice this tattoo on your leg depending on how you stand. Hee, hee. You may get this one past your folks.

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3. This Watchful Eye

How adorable is this eye tattoo design? You can easily hide in under your sleeve if you really want to. I would just show it off.

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4. This B&W Bee

I'm not a bug person but if you are, this bee idea might just be for you. Get it? Hee, hee. I hope she doesn't sting.

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5. This Tiny Teacup

This would be perfect for that tea lover who wants to celebrate and show off their love of their favorite drink. So sublte and sweet.

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6. These Little Paws

Speaking of sweet and cute, that's how I would describe these adorable little paws. Ohhh! What an absolutely fantastic idea. I'm totally digging these.

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7. This Ear Design

With this cool behind ear tattoo design you can choose whether you want to actually show it off or not. Hair tied back or loose hair — it's your choice.

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8. This Celestial Gem

This is the type of subtle colorful tattoo that even your parents would like. At least I think so. It's so beautifully done. I love it.

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9. This Letter "S"

A tattoo usually has some kind of special meaning to the person getting it. I wonder what's behind this "S" tattoo. That's so intriguing to me.

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10. This Loving Design

I would love to get a matching tattoo either with my partner or maybe even my mom. I think that's such an awesome bonding experience.

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11. This Winking Face

What a way to hide a tattoo, Huh? Nobody is even going to know you've got one of these. Hee, hee. That's such a sneaky idea.

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12. These Flying Birds

This is one way for an idea to take flight, isn't it? I adore everything about this black and white bird tattoo. It's so awesome.

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13. This Simple Rose

The way this rose is positioned totally complements the body. It's such a pretty design and it's been executed flawlessly. What a great idea.

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Nobody said tattoos have to be elaborate.

Giphy | Anna Moon

I think you can also convey so much with a subtle and well placed smaller piece as long as it has enough detail.

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