Tattoo Artist Uses Ink To Make Whimsical Designs

I have two tattoos and I've been fascinated with tattoo art for quite some time. So I'm always contemplating getting a new piece. The hardest part is deciding on what kind of tattoo and style to go with.

I recently found an amazing artist who creates whimsical tattoos that are absolutely gorgeous. These pics are making me want a tattoo even more. Check out his imaginative work to see for yourself.

Ayhan Karadag is a tattoo artist from Istanbul, Turkey who's been drawing since he was eleven years old.

He's always been involved in making some kind of art.

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Over the years he's created handmade ancient Greek musical instruments, a variety of sculptures from clay and wood, played with watercolors and experimented with many colorful pencil drawings.

He's a true and seasoned artist!

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But what Ayhan has discovered through his artistic journey is that his favorite canvas to work with is human skin.

Judging by his work, he's definitely on to something.

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He's been fascinated by fairytales and all kinds of whimsical designs.

He's even currently working on a fairytale book and some of his designs have already been inked.

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Ayhan believes that a human body is the most valuable material he can work with.

Giving someone a beautiful and creative tattoo is the best possible outcome.

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He's very passionate about both nature and animals.

And he truly wants to recreate those childhood fantasies and dreams one may have had growing up as a child.

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It's also very important for Ayhan to give his clients creative work that will evoke a very positive feeling.

I guess that's why his tattoo designs are so whimsical.

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I'm super impressed with the detail Ayhan is able to achieve with his tattoo designs.

They're so beautiful and colorful. They literally jump out of the subject's skin.

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I would absolutely love to have one of his cute and fun tattoos on my skin.

It would be such a joyful feeling to look at it every day.

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OMG, isn't this the most adorable thing you've ever seen?

I can't actually believe this is a tattoo. It's so clear and vivid. It looks just like a cartoon.

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His tattoo designs and his flawless execution spare absolutely no details.

Every little aspect of this tattoo is so well thought out. I can't get over the creativity here.

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Check out this cute underwater scene.

I'm obsessed with his seahorse design here. He's able to capture the depth of character of each creature and add fantastic color.

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I'm in love with the whimsical nature of Ayhans designs.

Looking at these playful scenes makes me want to be a kid again. That's how happy this makes me feel.

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Wow, I wish I could just jump on a plane and fly to Turkey ASAP to get one of these amazing tattoo designs inked on my skin.


They're just incredible.

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