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12+ People Whose Actions Gave Us A Lot Of Questions

Paddy Clarke 4 Dec 2019

Some people like to live their life going at a slightly different speed to the rest of us. While we're just getting on with our average day to day life, they are the ones advertising their own personal judo shows that they do in the park for fun at weekends. They're the sorts of people who, while you are getting on with your boring school work, they are donning huge poop-themed hats and hunting down a mystery person who keeps pooping in the hallways at work.

So, prepare to be amazed by the way that some of these people handle simple day to day life, as I present you with 12+ people whose actions gave us a lot of questions.

1. The Danger Pillow

Reddit | FeedbackUSA

But... there is a pillow right there? Not knowing the difference between a pillow and a gun is a dangerous mistake for someone to make if they are in the army.

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2. "A few years ago my aunt and grandmother took care of the Christmas decorations"

Reddit | Lemonlaksen

It's nice that they took care of the "dickorations" (you're welcome) — but, I do have one question... why?

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3. "Controlling flatmate strikes again."

Reddit | bertnub

Who takes a pen into the bathroom with them? Or, who is sad enough to go out and get a pen and come back to write on the roll? This person needs to sort out their priorities.

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4. Toasting At Work

Reddit | clusi777

I mean, it's not that bad of a method of keeping something warm I guess. Oh, dear God, they've sucked me into their absurd world!

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5. "I thought nobody would notice I lost my paddle if I just pretended it was still there"

Reddit | CoSponC

This guy actually went on to graduate from mime school with flying colors after demonstrating his abilities on the rapids.

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6. "This manager just doesn't care anymore"

Reddit | critsonyou

Calling out McDonalds is one thing, but then calling out corporate! This manager is my new hero!

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7. "Alone on a bus"

Not only is this case ridiculous; but, it is actually a limited edition case made by Moschino. There were a lot of people who complained that this case was impractical at the time. Well, what did you expect from a case designed after a spray bottle?!

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8. Shovelling "Snow"

Reddit | btcrav2

I think you may want to ask your father if they've got anything they want to tell you about.

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9. "We are heroes, They are zeros."

Reddit | _mars_

I would severely love to know what their history is with these rats. From this Braveheart-esque speech, I reckon they have been at war with these rats for centuries.

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10. Hunting The Serial Hallway Pooper


Yes, these hats and shoes were worn by a teacher in one school "to bring awareness to the 'serial hallway Pooper'. A kid at school was pooping in the hallways. She posted signs offering a reward of Hershey kisses for the capture. The Pooper is still at large."

I don't know whose actions baffle me more, the kid pooping in the halls, or the teacher who thought that this was appropriate hunting attire.

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11. Living On The Edge

Reddit | Jef1538

Why on Earth would you not put a doormat over this grate? Maybe the person who lives here just loves the added thrill when entering their house.

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12. Big Game Hunter

Reddit | Dr_Delectable

Apparently, this guy got sick of his father posting pictures of his with his deer "trophy kills". So, this champion decided to post his own hunting pictures after shooting a fly with what looks like a nerf gun. The art of the hunt is not lost in today's society.

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13. Pimp My Antenna

Reddit | Wiildman8

I bet it now picks up ham radio signals! (Yeah, I made that joke, what of it?)

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14. Sick Fade

Reddit | CalicoJack_81

For how long this must have taken the stylist, I can't help wondering if they thought anything other than, "What in God's name has my life come to?"

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15. Careers Day

Reddit | angrytortilla

I can't say that I understand it, and I certainly have a lot of questions; but, there's something quietly serene about his little drawing. Never give up on your dreams!

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16. "50 Cans of Pringles, 15 Liters of Pop, and a Weed Beanie"

Reddit | BlaydBlyss

I think the hat goes a long way to answering a lot of questions that the cashier clearly has judging from her face.

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17. Heerrreee's Johnny!

Reddit | Maelarion

Johnny looks like he was so desperate to vomit that he couldn't wait for the girls to take their selfie and just had to take matters into his own hands.

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18. "We have officially come full circle"

Reddit | kxnnaray

I just had to include these. If you are thinking of buying these — or if you already have for some reason — then I just need to know if you are appreciating the irony?

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19. "Up on a tight wire..."

Reddit | Martynypm

I mean, he's got a parachute, so it's not really that ridiculous! I'd do it without the parachute, like a real badass! (I say, knowing full well that I will never find myself in this situation!)

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Reddit | kamsidhu

I really want to know if that's the face of the guy who put them up, or if that's just a random picture that whoever posted this found on the internet.

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21. To Raise Awareness?

Twitter | MLB

I'm not sure I understand anything about this really. If anyone can clear up what the point of this is, seeing as how people can't touch the writing, then please let me know.

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22. "Advanced slav squat"

Reddit | iabzeet

That just simply cannot be the most comfortable sitting position available to this person. It's making my knees hurt just looking at it!

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23. Pagani Zonda R Supercar Wall Divider

Reddit | cocoabiscuits

Just why? Did this person just think, "What's the quickest and most obvious way for me to show people I'm a prat?"

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24. Cereal Bars Can Be Tricky

Reddit | evenstevens280

How his mate didn't tell him that you have to break it up with your hands, I'll never know. What a missed opportunity!

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25. "Something I saw down my road"

Reddit | ShaunD69

Genius, I mean, how are they meant to get away with the bike without damaging the tree? 'Cause everyone knows thieves are super conscious about the environment!

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26. "Good last shot"

Reddit | valyavinogradov00

The millennial remake of the Titanic really doesn't capture the true tragedy of that event, does it?

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27. "A grown a man is mad at his girlfriend at Olive Garden & has made a menu fort"

Twitter | Adam Howell

This is some childish nonsense right here. I can imagine it was quite uncomfortable when the waiter took the menus away!

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28. The What Master?

Reddit | Isai76

For a company basing their product around one specific body part, you think they'd have researched what body part that was beforehand.

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29. Oh Dear...

Imgur | kirvesperse

How did you think you were going to get out of this situation? This must be the first roof that this guy has painted, and probably the last.

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30. "My sister accidentally microwaved a bagel for ten minutes."

Reddit | Iddelgado

This looks like a fossilised phallus. Wait, you microwave bagels? What for? Put them in the toaster like a normal person, or the grill!

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31. "So my dad sent me this tonight from a McDonald's drive-thru in my hometown in Texas"

Reddit | Venomborn

This is just unacceptable! I mean, horses don't have cupholders for goodness sake!

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32. "Good thing he has a polar pop handy in case a fire starts"

Reddit | browndoctormoustache

I reckon that if you open that drink, there will be a lot more cigarette ends in there too!

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33. Sick Moves

Reddit | Milain

I would absolutely go to see this! Why would you not? More people need to follow their weird dreams like this person!

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34. Selfie Stick 101

Reddit | antani2

I'm sure they probably called her just as she was about to take a selfie; however, would it really have been so hard to take the phone out? She's gonna take someone's eye out!

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35. "My girlfriends mom passed out shots for thanksgiving on a communion tray."

Reddit | last_word23

The blood of Christ is getting more and more alcoholic each year! The body of Christ in this instance was a garlic-mayo covered doner kebab.

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