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17+ Compelling Pics Of Nature Stealing Not-So-Natural Things

Paddy Clarke 5 Dec 2019

We're at a point in society where our relationship to the natural world is nearing the forefront of political discourse. However, there is still a lot that needs to be done to help protect the planet that we occupy.

Nature is full of amazing surprises, and while humanity continues to eat into the natural world, there are some fantastic instances where nature has begun to reclaim not-so-natural things for its own. So, here are 17+ compelling pictures of nature stealing not-so-natural things!

1. "Wasps build nest around a discarded child's doll"

Reddit | h11584

Yes, you thought that creepy child's dolls and wasp nests were creepy enough on their own; well, now meet your new worst nightmare!

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2. "Let that sink in"

Reddit | not-sorry-

There are too many "sinking feeling" jokes to choose from! In all seriousness though, how does that situation come about?!

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3. "Welcome mat becomes one with nature."

Reddit | tinybuffcat

This was apparently taken in California, outside the person who took its family cabin.

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4. Sad Circus Music

Reddit | GhostMonkeyInSpace

This Ferris wheel is both amazing, and the stuff of nightmares. It's like it has been lifted from the pages of Cormac McCarthy's The Road.

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5. "If you are gonna park your car for a few years, make sure to roll the windows up."

Reddit | rynoman1110

That, my friends, is a hornets nest, completely dominating the interior of a car. Well, I say hornets nest, but it's more like a hornets condo complex with an attached shopping center.

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6. "The forest taking back a cabin"


One bedroom cabin for sale. Great location, amazing front yard potential. Slight weed problem.

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7. "A tree growing through a piano. Monterey, California."

Reddit | Dia12

I wonder if it can play anything good. Must have had years to practice after all!

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8. I Now Pronounce You Sprout And Carrot

Reddit | Random-Noise

This became a widely reported story. A Canadian woman had lost her wedding ring back in 2004, only to find it 13 years later on this carrot in her back garden.

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9. Organic Outlets

Reddit | CaptKamClique

I know that it would be a potentially bad idea to try and plug something into it, but dear lord I want to try and see if it works.

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10. John Oh-Deer

Reddit | PvtJepperson

I love how the calf to the left looks just as shocked as if it's going, "I know, right?"

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11. "Lost my toy 17 years ago, found this tree has been sucking on it!"

Reddit | _greasycheeks_

"Yeah, you can probably keep that, it's got your sap all over it anyway."

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12. "Nature taking over an abandoned ship in Australia."

Reddit | Random-Noise

Nature and metal working together to make a remote island, beautiful.

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13. "This golf ball inside a log I found."

Reddit | TheWackyProphet

I reckon there is a haggard old fella on a nearby golf-course still searching for that ball.

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14. "Nature stealthily reclaims this bike seat from the inside."

Reddit | ethrael237

That actually looks like it could be more comfortable on your rear than most bike seats!

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15. Ah, Craigslist...

Reddit | boatsnlowes

If you have to ask someone to bring a chainsaw to collect something that you're selling, then I don't think you're allowed to complain about people low-balling you.

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16. I'm Keeping This Building

Reddit | thefoxymulder

This particular building/tree is found in Mian Ram Singh Haveli, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The tree itself is a variety of fig tree known as "The Strangler Fig".

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17. Take A Pew

Reddit | Grissa

It looks like these two trees have gotten caught in a Chinese finger trap. Either that or they're trying to recreate the famous scene from Lady And The Tramp.

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18. "Xmas lights buried in the snow"

Reddit | TrekkieTay

This has worked out lovely for this family's garden. However, why were they just draping lights across the lawn like that? Looks a bit randomly arranged if you ask me!

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19. Delicious Bricks

Reddit | kylekad

If there is one thing that I have learnt from this list, it is that trees do not mess around!

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20. "This moss covered boot found in the woods."

Reddit | Neolism

This is a piece from the new Converse organic range! 100% recyclable.

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