10+ Dark Wedding Dresses For Brides Who Want To Go Goth

Finding that perfect wedding dress is no easy task. I'm discovering this as we speak. There are so many styles to consider, from A-line to ball gown to fit and flare — you name it. Then, there's the color.

Typically a wedding gown is usually white but that's not the only option. If you're an adventurous bride who wants something different a black or dark-colored gown may be for you.

1. Perfect Halloween Wedding Dress

If you're planning to get hitched on Halloween and want a truly special gown for the occasion this beauty might be what you're looking for.

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2. Gothic Look

Don't save that black wedding dress just for Halloween. If you're a gothic gal, then this look is to die for. What a way to show off.

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3. Dark Beauties

Check out these amazing dark dresses. Wow, what an array of looks and a variety of hues. I think all of these dresses are simply breathtaking.

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4. It's All About The Lace

A dark wedding gown doesn't have to look somber. I'm so impressed by this pretty and feminine lace number here. It's so fun.

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5. Irish Wedding

Okay, you don't necessarily need to be Irish to wear a green wedding dress but it would be so fitting. This simple number is so beautiful.

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6. Something Blue

Wow, talking about a show-stopper here. This dress looks so magnificent in this pretty blue hue. And now you already have something blue. So perfect!

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7. Grand Entrance

If you really want to make a grand entrance on your wedding day this dress would definitely do it. It's so beautiful and detailed. What a number.

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8. Dark Color Combo

If you can't decide on your favorite hue then why not just pick both? This purple and blue look is so pretty and flowy.

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9. Fishnet Goth

Talk about an unusual look for your wedding day, huh? I've never seen fishnets paired with a wedding dress like this. This is so cool.

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10. Dark Princess

This black and purple wedding dress is going to be the talk of the town. It's so romantic yet so different. I'm really loving this unique look.

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11. Purple Lover

Wow, this gothic bride is surely embracing her love for purple here. I love how the dress is a combination of purple and white. This is stunning.

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12. Dusty Blue Gal

You don't necessarily need to go full-on black with your wedding dress. Check out this dusty blue tulle number here. What a pretty idea.

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13. Black Lace

Lace is huge when it comes to wedding dresses but you can see so much more detail on a black dress. I love this romantic vibe.

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Are you on the fence about wearing a dark-colored wedding dress? Did these stunning, interesting and unique takes on a traditional white wedding dress convince you? I hope so.

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