20+ Lifehacks For When, You Know, Life Happens

Diply 19 Oct 2018

The thing about lifehacks is that you can never be exposed to too many of them. One day you will be the person who saves the day with a simple, yet genius way to deal with an everyday problem.

You may not need these now, but you or someone you know will at some point.

1. Use every last drop of toothpaste.

Imgur | rambuntiousrhino

As you use it up, roll the end of the tube tightly to push the last bits up. Secure the roll with a binder clip. This way even if someone squeezes from the middle, it won't matter.

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2. Make better use of fridge space by adding more drawers. 

Pinning With Purpose | Pinning With Purpose

A plastic set of drawers can help you organize lunches or just prevent those cheese strings from getting lost behind the eggs. It's also great for designated healthy treats in a home with multiple kids.

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3. Moving books? Swap the boxes for bags.

Reddit | Reddit

Good quality reusable grocery bags are deep, have flat bottoms, and are made to carry heavy items. That also makes them perfect for moving books to a new place without throwing you back out.

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4. Use a C-clamp to push down a nail in a narrow space.

Crafty | Diply

Sometimes there isn't room to swing or even tap a hammer, but that nail still needs to be secured. A C-clamp can help with that. Place the flat end over the nail and then tighten the clamp. It'll slowly push the nail into the wood.

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5. Store bulk laundry detergent in a drink dispenser.

Your Little Birdie | Your Little Birdie

It's far more visually appealing and you can easily see when you need more. You can use homemade detergent or store-bought for this. If there are kids around, just make sure it's up where they can't reach the nozzle.

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6. I do this and it has definitely saved me a few times.

Twitter | @drnugget

Movie theaters and other ticketed venues aren't known for their reliable wifi or cell signal. A screenshot saved in your camera roll can help when you can't get the email to open.

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7. Turn an old sock into a simple workout phone holder.

The Art of Doing Stuff | The Art of Doing Stuff

No need to spend a bunch of money on a product that may be uncomfortable or won't fit anymore when you upgrade your phone. Instead, use an old sock like in this example from The Art of Doing Stuff.

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8. Use an egg carton for a little sanity while assembling furniture.

Imgur | Imgur

There are people who believe that the ultimate test of a relationship is assembling Ikea stuff together. This is a good way to help survive that gauntlet.

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9. Change up how you fold your socks.

Crafty | Diply

This assumes that you actually care about always keeping matching socks together, but if you do, I bet you use the same rolling method I do.

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This method may take a few seconds longer, but it's tidier and each pair will take up less room in the drawer. 

Crafty | Diply

Start with the socks in an X formation, and then fold them back and forth over each other until you've run out of sock. Then tuck the ends in under each other.

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10. Use a bobby pin to organize your bobby pins.

Instagram | @tonya_joyner_speaks

About half of you reading this are all "DUH," but the other half just had their minds blown because this never even occurred to them.

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11. Use your belt when the restaurant highchair is missing its own.

Reddit | Jonesmp

Who keeps stealing the built-in seat belts on those highchairs? Like, why do they just disappear, leaving parents to risk a mooning the clientele just so their kid won't fall out while reaching for a french fry?

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12. Keep kids and pets away from ant traps by using mason jars.

Reddit | tuftackle16

A tightly close lid with a few holes punched in it will still allow the crawlies to get in, but will keep little fingers and tongues away from the poison.

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13. Keep earbuds in sweaty ears with hockey tape.

Twitter | @TheBobWinter

It may be gross, but we all deal with sweaty ears sometimes, especially while working out. Keep those tunes where they belong with some hockey tape wrapped around the circumference.

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14. Keep fingers and keyboards clean with chopsticks.

Instagram | @sweet_d_nyc

I like to snack, but I hate dealing with greasy or powdery residue left on my keyboard while I'm working or gaming. Chopsticks will prevent the mess.

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15. In a similar vein, plastic wrap can let you reference recipes without gumming up your screen.

Gala In The Kitchen | Gala In The Kitchen

The touch sensors can still register your finger even through the thin plastic, so feel free to use your tablet to check ingredients even while your fingers are covered in flour or dough.

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16. Turn your phone into an emergency lantern with a plastic bottle.

Reddit | Derkades

Just turn on your phone's flashlight and place the bottle on top. Clear liquids will allow for better light, but you can get some fun effects with colored sodas.

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17. Use three zip ties as a makeshift handle until you can get a replacement.

Reddit | xKeyNin

Nothing like rushing to get your work clothes out of the dryer only to have the handle come off when you pull the door.

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18. Don't have a level? For flat surfaces, try a measuring cup.

Reddit | Fockelot

It may not help you get the nails in the right place the first time, but if you're convinced that shelf isn't level, you can use the lines of a measuring cup as a guide.

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19. Use a paperclip when you need to hang clothes from a door.

Reddit | bjarkes

The door is too wide for the hook, but a paperclip with a second hanger can do the job in a pinch.

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20. If your coffee lid keeps leaking, check the seam. 

Reddit | MoralsAreRelative

The weakest part of the seal between your to-go cup and its lid is the seam. If it lines up with the spout of the lid, you're destined to have dribbles. Make it a habit to check and shift the lid to prevent a mess.

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21. Use a fork to hang a frame easily the first time.

Crafty | Diply

It can be tough to find the nail with the wire when hanging a large frame. Instead of trying over and over, stick the tines of a fork around the nail with the utensil handle sticking up. Use the handle as a guide for the string and then remove the fork. Voilà!

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22. Make perfectly round eggs with a mason jar ring.

YouTube | In The Kitchen With Matt

Just spray the ring with a bit of cooking oil to prevent sticking and you'll be eating perfect breakfast sandwiches in your own kitchen.

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23. Save money on air freshener refills.

Reddit | Fioricascastle

Next time your plug-in air freshener runs out, skip the chemical-laden, over-priced refills. Instead, clean out the residue from the old one and fill it with regular water. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and return the whole thing to your plug-in.

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