15+ People Who Proved That They're Something to Worry About

Diply 23 Oct 2018

Have you ever had someone tell you that a problem was nothing to worry about and you straight-up didn't believe them? Like, if the airport has me sitting on the tarmac for an hour and I have to dodge slow walkers while running to make my connecting flight so my bags don't take the trip without me, you can bet I'm worrying about it.

They might as well tell us that their dog is friendly right as it's snarling and foaming at us.

So yes, there are times where you're totally allowed to worry, and all of these situations are perfect examples.

1. I guess I've seen worse design choices, but I'm not sure I could really get used to wearing those.

Instagram | @kalesalad

I'd say it would take at least a week before I stopped wondering how I spilled milk on them every time I looked down.

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2. I've seen what happens when a phantom nibbler causes a flurry of passive-aggressive emails, and it's not pretty.

Instagram | Instagram

Just don't count on the culprit to come clean. Sowing office chaos is just as delicious to them as the stolen snacks.

They have a sick sense of humor.

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3. Gah! I can only imagine how white my knuckles would get if somebody made me drive this thing.

Reddit | VonWolfhousen

This person can tell me that turning feels normal all they want, but they can't deny that the second they bump into something, they're screwed.

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4. The only good thing about this is that you don't have to guess how this person felt about their predicament.

Reddit | finch093

No matter how much this hurt on the outside, that facial expression tells me that it felt like a mosquito bite compared to the embarrassment.

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5. Yeah, I definitely don't envy this teacher, because if there's one thing I remember about school, it's that my classmates could smell fear.

Reddit | Reddit

And sure, some of them were nice enough not to pounce on that vulnerability, just like some horses sprout wings and a horn.

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6. This person got their wisdom teeth out and their cheeks are too swollen to fit this over their head.

Reddit | SkiColdSmoke

Also pictured is the sun, which can't feel emotions. If it could, it would start laughing evilly about how trapped this person is in their prison of layers.

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7. While I'm baffled they chose to drive here, I can't blame them for being surprised about this situation.

Reddit | MrStiesri

It's not cool to think, "I can probably drive across their grass," but even surprise parties are more predictable than front yard swamps.

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8. I'm sorry, but that lady isn't this person's wife anymore. She left all that behind when she joined the army of darkness.

Instagram | Instagram

How it happened needs to be explained really slowly, but that's no problem for me. I'm not exactly gonna make any sudden movements right now while that thing's on her face.

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9. Yikes! Unless Logan here was recently awarded a key to the city, I'm having a hard time believing that a key did this.

Instagram | @kontheabstract

Although I guess something that ugly isn't likely to get stolen anytime soon, so that's a plus for her.

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10. It's hard to feel too sorry for this girl, but I am kinda curious as to how that even happened.

Reddit | UnkleTheBob

Did she just copy off a kid who just seemed to know what they were talking about, or is somebody out here selling fake test banks?

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11. How can a simple picture of a bus get so confusing the more you look at it?

Reddit | kevin_cg1

Even if you can get past the part where it's apparently a train, why is it also a lemon? Also, where's the driver?

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12. I suppose these kids can wear the fact that they've got the only costume that legitimately scares people like a badge of honor.

Reddit | uberman66

While the other kids dress like superheroes, these two will make anyone who answers the door dream of Tim Burton's Phineas and Ferb.

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13. If someone can look this shadowy and mysterious in broad daylight, that's pretty much all I need to know. 

Getty Images | Jennifer Esperanza

Like, I can't be the only one who noticed that literally everyone else in this picture is trying to avoid that person, right?

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14. Whoever is working this food truck has a lot of more practice in dealing with a zombie apocalypse than anyone else.

Reddit | woodchipchipper

I'm not sure the strategy of throwing cheese slices at them until you can close the window will work for the real thing, though.

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15. Oh good, I was just saying that my bladder wasn't shy enough and I needed two pairs of eyes staring at me at all times.

Reddit | Officerdaleday

I can't focus on what the lady in the glasses is trying to insinuate while that monster silently screams at me.

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16. At this point, the only way this person could get me to accept this weirdness would be if they started talking like a cowboy.

Instagram | Instagram

I've never thought a trip to the bathroom could be improved by somebody blathering on about dusty trails, but here we are.

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