12 Times Accidental Art Was Better Than Real Art


In my personal opinion, there is no right or wrong way to create art. Art is all about creative expression, and everyone expresses their creativity differently. Art comes in many forms — painting, sculptures, photography and accidental art. Accidental art? What? That's right, some of the best and most creative art pieces aren't even done on purpose! If you open your eyes up to the world around you and look for art in all forms, maybe you will capture some accidental art! Here are 12 pictures of cool accidental art. It's hard to believe these weren't done on purpose! If you have any of your own accidental art pictures, please share them with us!

1. That time someone accidentally dropped black paint in their pink paint...

Imgur | tommysutro

...and ta-da — a beautiful silhouette of a deer.

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2. That time the paint started to peel...

Instagram | @suslyckvi

...and revealed a lone tree.

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3. That time this guy went to Wal-Mart to get paint...

Imgur | TJAH

...and he saw a serene galaxy in his paint can.

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4. That time someone was enjoying peanut butter on toast...

Imgur | freddymercurysTeeth

...and ended up creating a peanut butter dog.

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5. That time someone was just trying to park the car...

Instagram | @malo_marko

...and must have had love on their mind.

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6. That time a paint truck tipped over...

22 Words | 22 Words

...and littered the street in a beautiful array of colors.

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7. That time someone decided to make lasagna...

Imgur | CaliG831

...and Cookie Monster decided to make an appearance.

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8. That time someone channeled their inner Bob Ross...

Imgur | jazzpenis

...and "left" some "happy little trees" in the bottom of their coffee cup.

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9. That time someone noticed a spot of rust...

Instagram | @revenantreclaimer

...and stopped to take a pic because it resembled a sliced kiwi.

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10. That time the paint was squeezed out of the tube...

reddit | YesButNoWaitYes

...and this perfectly placed pattern of air bubbles showed up.

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11. That time the triple foam exploded at the car wash...

Imgur | Cheezdealer

...and a beautiful arrangement of colors emerged.

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12. That time someone cleaned up in the sink after painting...

reddit | Beard_of_the_Sith

...and the sink ended up being its own work of art.

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