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10+ Ways Coronavirus Has Actually Brought Out The Good In People

Ryan Ford 16 Mar 2020

It's easy to see scenes that make you wonder at the state of humanity, especially during an unprecedented event like the COVID-19 outbreak. You really don't have to look further than your local Walmart to see fist fights break out over toilet paper.

So it's worth remembering that the good outweighs the bad out there, and while the outbreak has brought some horrible people out of the shadows, there are good people trying to do their part to help their family, friends, neighbors, and even complete strangers.

1. This guy owns a grocery store that he opened an hour early and only allowed entry to elderly and disabled shoppers for that hour.

Reddit | FiftyOne151

Because they tend to get left in the lurch when hordes of younger shoppers descend on the grocery store aisles.

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2. This nice neighbor offered to do her part for her older neighbors, offering to do the shopping for them instead.

Reddit | davenowood01

Let's face it, it's not easy to get to and from the grocery store even if it is opening for an hour early just for you. So, it's a genuinely helpful offer to go on the elderly neighbors' behalf.

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3. With schools in many areas closed, some students face a tough time finding meals.

Reddit | DDDF_Still_passed

Which is a real tragedy. However, these school workers spent hours sanitizing the school kitchen and unpacking supplies to make sure students in need in the area can still get a meal.

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4. It's not just school kids who need meals.

Reddit | widdydanks

So someone in Dublin put together a bunch of care packages for the homeless to grab.

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5. In Spain, the lockdown doesn't have to be a cooped-up ordeal.

At least not in the neighborhood where this fitness instructor lives. He helped his neighbors get some good exercise in, leading a class from his rooftop.

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6. This looks like an impromptu memorial, but it's not.

Reddit | admin-moderator

Rather, after the local flowers shops were forced to close their doors, with only grocery stores and pharmacies left open, they put their stock of bouquets out on the street for anyone to take.

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7. One woman came home to a welcome gift from a neighbor.

Reddit | gotsnowart

"One of my neighbors left a bag of toilet paper on my front door and with the way things are in the world right now, being a single mom and struggling with my bipolar lately, this small token of generosity moved me to tears," she wrote.

The simple things do make a difference!

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8. India made an incredible gesture to Iran.

Reddit | MINOSHI__

Iran has suffered a horrific outbreak of COVID-19, the officials numbers of which are widely suspected to be well, well below the real numbers.

However, India sent a team of doctors and lab equipment to help the nation deal with the outbreak.

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9. One distillery decided this wasn't the best time to use its machinery for profits.

Reddit | FugDounny

So Portland's Shine distillery switched their operation over to producing hand sanitizer, which it gives away for free.

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10. It's important to remember the small businesses out there that will be hit hard.

So keeping the contract with the caterer, as well as donating the food around, is doubly good.

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11. Not all who buy extra things are hoarders.

Reddit | PhilCore666

Some, like Jenn earlier, will be buying for friends and family and neighbors. Others, apparently, will just be giving it away.

"I just drove by this, not everyone is a hoarder," wrote the uploader of this pic. "It put a smile on my face in these uncertain times."

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12. "He comes to talk to his dad every day since the nursing home is on lockdown."

Reddit | WillOfTheLand

Remember, you've got to keep in touch with those prone to particular loneliness during these troubled times. It can be done!

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