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15+ Pics That We Might Never Get An Explanation For

Ryan Ford 17 Mar 2020

One of the sad, frustrating facts of life is that we won't always get satisfactory explanations and answers to all the mysteries we encounter. It just doesn't always happen.

And we're not just talking about the things you'd see on Unsolved Mysteries, either. We're talking about more commonplace, everyday things that you'd still think deserve some kind of a good explanation. You know, like all the things below.

1. I seriously don't get this refrigerator's settings.

Reddit | BerpingBeauty

Is this some kind of precursor to Demolition Man's three seashells? Can someone explain it to me?

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2. Why did this honey-based hair conditioner have to be packaged so much like a honey container?

Reddit | Zhay99

As you can see, it has already confused two grown adults into putting it in their tea, so it seems like it might have been a poor choice.

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3. Likewise, why put the blue thread locker in a red tube and the red thread locker in a blue tube?

Reddit | shade-tree_pilot

It makes a big difference! One of them is supposed to be permanent, so you really don't want to mix them up.

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4. Okay, that's almost impressive.

Reddit | DriverModNeeded

Apparently the driver went 40 miles with the wheel lock and hand brake engaged. One question: how??

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5. Any crash you can walk away from...

Reddit | SayLittleDoMuch

Well, the driver might have had a difficult time walking away, if only because they were so far off the ground. There must be one heck of a good story about how the car ended up all the way up there.

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6. What is that ceiling made from?

Reddit | Palifaith

Because if it can hold back a water leak that much, maybe we should consider building more things out of it.

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7. Somebody approved this.

Reddit | rajgark

Totally signed off on it, had a whole crew build it, maybe even had a little ribbon cutting ceremony, who knows.

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8. The control knob on this dishwasher is going to require some experimentation.

Reddit | horsht

What does it even do? What do the numbers mean? What are the various functions? Will it even wash dishes, or does it transport you to Narnia?

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9. Someone has a plan.

Reddit | sallysausages

It's clearly thought-out, right? Why else would you tie your car to your roof? I really want to know though - why would you tie your car to your roof?

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10. The least expected pop culture mashup of the year.

Reddit | ejh3k

Does it help knowing that this statue of Homer Simpson with Thanos's mouth and a donut-studded Infinity Gauntlet was spotted in the Dominican Republic?

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11. Fashion in 2020.

Reddit | stlredbird

Yeah, it's a Fortnite thing, but there a demand for a hoodie that zips up around your entire face now?

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12. Oh, so that's where I left my hula hoop.


And apparently every other hula hoop in existence, just hanging out on a random tree. Why?

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13. I thought this was one of those things that didn't really need to be prohibited.

Reddit | Antscannabis

We might never get an explanation as to why this sign was put up, but then, do we really need one?

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14. Not your traditional showpiece, that's for sure.

Reddit | Skynetdyne

And you would definitely send a message to your guests about what kind of place you have if this was part of your home decor scene. Still would love to know the story behind this piece, too.

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15. How did this pass muster to be included in a math textbook?

Reddit | Luke_Marr

I mean, unless it's an example of a trick question, it's just a strange, strange addition.

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16. That's a lot of ants on that TV.

Reddit | Helix1050

To be more precise, that's a lot of ants inside that TV. They're probably just as confused as the rest of us about what they're doing there.

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17. Nope.

Reddit | kuyamarl

How hard would it have been to just match the color of the sugar to the bag it was supposed to go in? You can see right through the plastic to make sure!

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18. Speaking of obvious mistakes...

Reddit | Jettett

You don't have to be an ace in geography to know that France and Italy are not inside China, or even anywhere near China.

And hey, we all make mistakes, but this is not the best time to be letting these errors be broadcast.

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19. One of these things is not like the others.

Reddit | Wrathchild17

So what exactly is that spare tire going to do if one of the other tires blows out?

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20. "My co-workers coffee cup he uses everyday."

Reddit | Forphucsake

Oh wow that is nasty. How is this person's co-worker even still alive? And how does anything that goes into that cup taste like anything other than disease?

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