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10+ Funny Moments We're Glad Someone Caught On Camera

Ryan Ford 18 Mar 2020

Thank goodness for the folks out there who can laugh at themselves - and encourage everyone else to laugh along with them, too. I mean, we've all done bonehead things and had to step back and chuckle, right?

And thank goodness for the folks out there who get those precious moments on camera. That's what technology is for!

1. No regrets.

Reddit | kyrgbrl

Kitty made her move, and kitty would do it again in a heartbeat. Don't let your guard down around cake!

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2. Best review ever.

Reddit | ImmobileLavishness

No five-star review on Amazon could possibly be as succinct as this happy fellow.

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3. "Close call packing for work this morning."

Reddit | I_am_Jo_Pitt

It's all a secret plot by Diet Coke and Michelob to see who was lying when they put "Attention to Detail" on their resume.

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4. Suddenly Galecki.

Reddit | Reflex81

I'm not sure anyone has ever been more creeped out by a window reflection than at Leonard Hofstadter looking like he's about to drive through your living room with a giant grin on his face.

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5. "This amoeba I saw through the microscope."

Reddit | LeekFever

This microscopic flowy boi has just the prescription for a bad day. What a goof.

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6. "Mom! You've made a huge mistake!"

Reddit | adammolens

Priceless. I bet every parent has seen that look in the mirror after a couple of sleepless nights and crying fits.

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7. And apparently, it doesn't get any less interesting as the kids grow older.

Reddit | Bryan31285

I guess absolutely everything in the bathroom needed to have a bath and get clean too?

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8. Sometimes what's funny is what isn't caught on camera.

Reddit | emzieees

"I asked my mom if she could get a picture of me mid-air jumping off a sand dune," the uploader wrote. "She assured me she could. These are the two pics she got."

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9. "Hello, stupidest thing I've ever done."

Reddit | hayabusabjj

And there seems to have been a break between realizing you're doing something stupid, and stopping that stupid act. Been there, done that, used up all the paper towels cleaning it up.

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10. When you don't even need a gif to know what happened.

Reddit | zoalcoalt

The divots left behind by the fingers tell you all you need to know, don't they?

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11. "Never tell your horse loving daughter that she was born in the Year of the Monkey."

Reddit | NumberJ5

Aww, it's okay little girl. Life is full of disappointments! This is just the first in a long, long line of disappointments!

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12. You have to know your audience.

Reddit | ansel1406

And this cat sure can read a room. That's a whole mood right there.

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