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3M Announces Shipment Of 500k N95 Masks Arriving Today In NY And Seattle

Ryan Ford 23 Mar 2020

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With hospitals preparing to face a tsunami of COVID-19 patients, many are already facing shortages of critical protective equipment, in particular, the N95 masks that keep doctors and nurses safe while treating patients with the disease.

New York is particularly hard-hit, with 15,000 cases so far. One hospital in New York City says that it uses 40,000 N95 masks every day, so the need to maintain a robust supply of the masks is keenly felt.

One of the makers of the protective gear, 3M, announced that the frontline healthcare workers in New York and Seattle will have a little bit less to worry about soon.

They've ramped up their production, maxing it out at 35 million N95 masks per month, they announced in a tweet.

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The first shipments of 500,000 masks each are due to arrive today in those critical areas today.

It's not just the U.S., however, as globally, 3M will be producing 1.1 billion masks per year, or just over 100 million per month, all of which are sorely needed right now.

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