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15+ Confusing Pics That Really Twisted Our Brains

Ryan Ford 23 Mar 2020

Humans are, by far, the smartest animals the world has ever known, at least in terms of our ability to design and make tools and structures. But for all that, it takes surprisingly little to trip up our big brains.

Even just an image caught at the corner of the eye can be enough to throw us off our game, if only for a moment. But every now and then, something will come along that takes more than just a blink or two to clear up. Some things can really twist your brain!

1. "It was taken from the outside, the landscape is a reflection on the glass."

Reddit | Kelly240361

Okay, that explanation almost makes this image tougher to sort out in your brain, doesn't it? Layers upon layers.

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2. What are the odds?

Reddit | MattChap

The coaster under this glass shares the exact same size as the glass's shadow, which kind of makes it look like it doesn't even have a shadow in the first pic.

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3. Good news, it's not an insect invasion.

Reddit | potentialfrog

Speaking of shadows, it's the low sun that makes this sidewalk appear to be alive, as it casts long shadows off all the debris.

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4. Just one picture, not four.

Reddit | chubbybooger

An apartment balcony lined up with the horizon on a body of water, with a ficus peeking over the railing. A few images like this have been floating around the internet, and they're cool. But I love the colors in this one. Frame it.

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5. "My leggings matched the gym floor."

Reddit | rayenicely

If it wasn't for this person's leg extending past the tiles at the bottom of the pic, you wouldn't even know it's there. Crazy.

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6. What is it with gym floors?

Reddit | Osirisk

Because this guy's shoes also blended right in with his gym's floors. It's like they're made with the same material.

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7. This is an odd one.

Reddit | ryanm1992

The sneakers ruin the image, but without them, it looks like this guy has more than two legs, and they're really skinny. Weird.

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8. "Dog boy."

Reddit | felinebarbecue

Well, it's pretty clear what's happening here, the way the dog is resting its head and replacing the boy's head, but it's awfully sweet, too.

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9. The top half of the avocado looks like it has a green pit, too.

Reddit | ataraxia36

The overhead perspective makes it look like it could be a ball and not an indent.

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10. That's a berry good illusion.

Reddit | CanaanRS

Of course it's just a tomato, but when this person cut in, the insides mimicked a strawberry somehow.

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11. How does this even happen?

Reddit | AliceTheGamedev

I've never seen a candle melt with a pattern left behind. Shouldn't the flame have destroyed it all more evenly?

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12. Hope nobody needs a staircase here.

Reddit | Faethon-

Because that's not a staircase; it's the shadow of the fencing cast on the wall.

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13. An ark showed up at this pier.


And you have to admit, an ark popping up seemingly out of nowhere isn't only confusing, but a bit alarming, too.

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14. This is a lemon.

Reddit | hypnovo

Yes, it's pink like a grapefruit, but it's a lemon. The odd part is that you don't make pink lemonade from these because the juice runs clear.

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15. So, trees can foam now?

Reddit | slandurgurl

Turns out, yes, they can. Nobody spilled soap here, it's just that in a hard rain, sap can foam up because it contains chemicals similar to soap.

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16. Are those bricks in this tree?

Reddit | toastergrape

Turns out this is another yes. Limestone bricks have been used to repair large cracks in trees because it's soft enough to not impede the tree's growth.

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17. That's not sewage or sludge by the curb.

Reddit | AdoringPrism

Although you could be forgiven for thinking it is. It's just that tree's root, but it looks like it has almost liquefied.

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18. How polite!

Reddit | me_ur_local_burden

It looks like this tree has courteously decided not to grow all over the place and get in people's way. But of course, the roots have much easier places to find purchase than a sidewalk.

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19. This looks like a nice lake, but unfortunately, it's not a lake.

Reddit | Nipunski

"The "Lake" is actually the roof of my car. Took this picture during a recent road trip," the uploader wrote. Good polish job!

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20. A grueling climb.

Reddit | DeathByIndianman

At least, it would be if it were a climber. But it's just a bit of fluff on bedsheets that look like a scenic hill.

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