16+ Fired Employees Who Had One Last Hurrah

Paddy Clarke 2 Oct 2020

Work can be very difficult at times. For some people, this pressure can become too much for a variety of reasons, and can result in them quitting or being fired.

However, this doesn't stop some of these people from making something of a statement before they leave! So, please enjoy these 16+ fired employees who had one last hurrah!

1. "People at a store at my mall got fed up with the way their manager treated them."

Reddit | [Deleted]

It's amazing to see moments like this where asshat bosses get their comeuppance!

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2. Seems Like Blake Wasn't A Fan Of Michelle...

Imgur | keletalcell

I hope that Blake had another job safely lined up before making this exit, as he really burned this bridge!

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3. "Our friend got fired today!"

Reddit | NRS1

I guess that some people will look for any excuse to have a party! And, why not? It's not like they need to be up for work in the morning!

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4. "This is how I quit my job today."

Twitter | america97futbol

Something tells me that Jorge had some pretty strong opinions about the management style in this particular business!

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5. "They should have asked for the shirts back before they fired me..."

Reddit | Spawticusx805x

Someone pointed out that this guy looks like Ed Sheeran if his life had taken a wildly different route, and now I can't see anything else!

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6. "My husband's letter of resignation."

Reddit | Girlofgodsbadday

Although, that looks like it is more than just single ply? If they really wanted to show their discontentment then they should have used single ply!

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7. "Entire crew quit today at local restaurant."


This is a very polite notice for a sign with such an angry undertone! I think that the hearts are really doing a lot of work here!

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8. "Left my current job for a better one. This is how I'm leaving the griddle for them in the morning."

Reddit | SirSuppa

It kind of amazes me the amount of people out there who go out of their way to do things like this. I like the idea of it if you're working for someone who is horrible, but I'm too lazy regardless.

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9. "My friend is facing possible termination. He said 'If they're gonna fire me, they'll have to fire me as Cap'n Crunch.'"

Reddit | Foreknown

As much as I love this, I can't think of many other things that would more confidently secure this guy's termination than going in to work dressed as Cap'n Crunch!

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10. "Put my notice in at work today."

Reddit | kokish

I particularly love that this person managed to use a stain as an apostrophe on this delightfully tattered letter! That's innovation!

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11. "My sister quit her job at Mc Donalds after 7+ years, I like her way of leaving."

Imgur | rubmyphil

I've got to be honest, I think that it is a little rich of her to be firing shots at other Mc Donald's workers after she worked there for 7+ years. People have to work! Also, she forgot the apostrophe.

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12. The Only Appropriate Cake For A Quick Exit!


"Mmm, thank you for the cake, that frosting head was a little tough though!"

"Dave, that was just a picture of my head, you weren't meant to eat that."

"Oh... no."

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13. "My buddy quit his job at the gas station."

Reddit | peaceman582

I doubt they actually will have changed it though, they will have just gotten another worker to do it.

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14. "Saw this at Bed Bath and Beyond."

Reddit | mastranios

If you're an employer, this sort of thing is why it is always important to have someone to proofread your staff's work!

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15. "Well then, fire them already!"

Reddit | Ryno3639

You'd think that this would be the sort of thing that HR would be all over? Although, car thieves need work as well!

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16. Tell Them How You Really Feel!

Reddit | technodeviant

Why hold anything back? Also, putting a message like this on a cake can take the sting out of it... sort of.

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17. "This is how you leave your job!"

Reddit | Slappyjay

In fairness, those signs don't really offer any help anyway, they just tell you that you're going to be late home!

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18. "Someone got fired from Subway for this!"

Reddit | Getzen

I know that people give Subway a hard time for it's bread, but I have an ashamed soft spot for their Italian Herbs And Cheese!

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19. Expect Long Service Delays!

Reddit | JordanAsshole

Look out for your employees guys, it's not hard! No one should have to deal with this sort of thing, let alone without the support of their boss.

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20. "Guess Who Got Fired?"

Reddit | andyislegend

I genuinely do not know what is worse, this joke or that hideous ceramic product itself? Who buys this crap?

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