20+ Command Hook Uses We Never Thought Of Before

Diply 30 Oct 2018

There are a few products out there that have literally changed my life, and Command Hooks are one of them. They come in a bunch of sizes, are easy to hang up, and you can put them anywhere around the house.

While it seems that their uses are fairly obvious, there are a bunch of Command Hook hacks out there that most people don't know about. Take a peek at these ideas and then hang up all the things in your house.

1. Hang up your toothbrush. 

The Krazy Coupon Lady | The Krazy Coupon Lady

Keep your toothbrush off your bathroom counter with a small Command Hook. The Krazy Coupon Lady mounted these hooks to the inside of a cupboard to really keep the germs away.

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2. Make snack time a breeze. 

Instagram | @mrsspspecialties

Hang utensils for the kids in bags so they can help themselves at snack time. Moms, you'll thank me later for this one.

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3. Organize your dress-up corner.

Instagram | @theneatist

Hang costume pieces and accessories for the little ones at a level they can reach. Not only does it look cute, it keeps things tidy.

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4. Clean up the mud room. 

Instagram | @gleaningwisdom

Keep garden shoes off the floor with this handy trick. Then, add some extra hooks for bags, coats, scarves, mittens... Just cover the whole room in Command Hooks, okay?

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5. Calling all pots, pans, and lids.

Instagram | @filleaunc

You can hang up just about anything with a few well-placed Command Hooks. Who wouldn't want this level of organization in their kitchen?

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6. Don't forget the little things. 

Instagram | @so.very.minimal

Even your small utensils can get organized. No more sifting through drawers trying to find that teeny, tiny measuring spoon.

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7. Add some whimsy to any room.

Instagram | @ellamahome

Using a Command Hook on the ceiling is an easy way to hang a decorative mobile. Mobiles aren't just for nurseries, btw. I'm actually getting some wedding vibes from this one.

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8. Hang up your necklaces.

Instagram | @our.mn.dream.home

Make a statement with your signature pieces. Unravel your chains and create a decorative display with this neat idea! I'm thinking it's time for a closet renovation, stat.

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9. Never forget your keys again.

Instagram | @2ourownbeat

I know this might be an obvious choice for a Command Hook, but I really love the monogrammed accents. I bet you've never seen a key holder this cute before.

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10. Get that dress shot.

Instagram | @elysealexandriaphoto

All brides-to-be will want to keep this idea in their back pocket. If you want the coveted shot of your dress hanging up before the ceremony, be sure to bring a Command Hook to get the height just right.

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11. Clean up your...cleaning supplies.

Instagram | @taylorflanery

I know everyone treats the area under your sink like a forgotten dungeon, but it doesn't have to be this way. Command Hooks to the rescue!

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12. Crafty people, pay attention to this one. 

Instagram | @treadleyardgoods

A small Command Hook is a perfect size for embroidery scissors. Stick them right on your sewing machine for easy access.

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13. Get those cords in line.

Instagram | @n_organizes_

You can even mount Command Hooks behind your furniture to keep them hidden and away from little hands if you have kids in your home.

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14. Loofah? Check. Sponge? Check.

Instagram | @mrs_flamingo_

There was never a good place to hang your loofah or sponge after a shower...until now. Hanging your loofah up will allow it to dry out and prevent gross germs.

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15. Styling tools can get organized, too. 

Instagram | @meggsie613

Most women have at least two styling tools, if not more. Avoid that horrible tangle of cords by hanging them up with a few Command Hooks.

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16. Lunch box stations

Instagram | @6skistrong

Lunch boxes are another kitchen item that take up a ton of space. Hang them on your kitchen cabinets to make those early mornings run a little smoother.

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17. Your pantry never looked so good.

Instagram | @sooowhatcanieat

Chip bags never last long enough to make it to the pantry in my home, but if you have self-restraint, then you can hang up your chip bags with Command Hooks.

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18. Anyone fancy a cuppa? 

Instagram | @mesadreamsleather

I feel like everyone has an impressive mug collection that is tucked away in the cupboards. Display them instead! Seeing them will also remind you to drink more tea, which everyone should do anyway.

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19. Make a garbage bag for when you're on the go. 

The Krazy Coupon Lady | The Krazy Coupon Lady

Command Hooks can even be used in your car to stash your trash. I'm loving this idea from The Krazy Coupon Lady.

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20. Create gorgeous greenery displays. 

Happiness Is Creating | Happiness Is Creating

This clever idea is from Happiness Is Creating. You'll have to make a small hole in the planter for the hook, but once you've done that, you hang plants anywhere.

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21. Another crafty idea. 

Instagram | @oddballera

Use a wooden dowel to help you hang washi tape and ribbon in your craft studio. Go make the craft studio of your wildest dreams a reality.

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22. Store all the cups!

Instagram | @ryanedament

My kitchen counter is completely crowded by cups. Hang a shoe organizer with some Command Hooks and store your cups in there instead.

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23. Parents, pay attention to this one. 

Emily McWilliams | Diply

Use a Command Hook to hang bibs on the back of your baby's highchair. I know, I know, it's a breakthrough in parenting.

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24. Dog-parents, this one is for you. 

Instagram | @furrygodmom

Hang a few Command Hooks in the car for your dog's leash and any other necessities you travel with frequently. Your good boi and/or girl deserve it.

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