20+ Times DIYs Crashed And Burned Before Our Eyes

Diply 26 Oct 2018

We've all been there: You see a cute DIY project on Pinterest that looks easy enough. Then it's three days later, you've spent a small fortune on materials, and all you have to show for it is a roundish blob that was supposed to be a tasteful fruit bowl.

If you've ever had a DIY fail, don't fret. These DIYers are there with you in solidarity.

1. The first mistake was using M&M's.

Instagram | @pinterest_failsss

Clearly, these penguins are made with Reese's Pieces. This is one of those rare occasions where Reese's Pieces have the upper hand for once.

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2. Everyone goes through a "I'm going to grow my own herbs" phase. 

Instagram | @thekikimeister

How hard could it be, right? Don't beat yourself up if your herbs resembled sticks in a mason jar. Just go to the grocery store from now on, okay?

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3. The saddest wooden horse in the world. 

Instagram | @nikifailsatlife

Not even duct tape could fix this poor pony. There's a good chance you won't catch this guy at a rodeo anytime soon.

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4. Whatever this is...

Instagram | @micamicajoyjoy

I haven't come across many DIYs that defy gravity, but that industrial glue is no joke. Huh, you know the more I look at it, the more I think this could work as a modern art installation.

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5. Okay, but does anyone even like deviled eggs?

Instagram | @curlyvideos

Looking cute won't change how they taste. Whether they have a face or not, there is no way I'm eating one of these potluck abominations.

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6. Taste the rainbow! Actually, maybe not. 

Instagram | @this_very_crafty_mama

The structural integrity of this stack is really upping my anxiety. Also, can we talk about how this person has clearly never learned about ROY G BIV?

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7. Nothing will soothe your soul like a DIY bath bomb. 

Instagram | @beadyblueeyes

Did I say soothe your soul? I meant drive your stress hormones through the roof. Next time, go to Lush.

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8. I'm a bit at a loss with this one.

Instagram | @camille_sixsistersstuff

Apparently, Instagram user @camille_sixsistersuff was attempting to make DIY gummy worms for Halloween. I mean, it is spooky. Maybe next time they'll nail it.

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9. Am I the only one who never understood why people dye Easter eggs? 

Instagram | @kapahoe

First, you waste a bunch of perfectly good eggs. Then, you make a huge mess that smells like vinegar for days. I'm gonna sit this tradition out and let the bunny do all the work.

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10. You'll see, sock art is going to be all the rage. 

Instagram | @Imaybrown

Just kidding! Maybe it's not clear that this was supposed to be a DIY rustic sock hanger.

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11. These hedgehogs deserved better. 

Instagram | @thelabandthedoxie

It's okay. Buy a box of those place-and-bake cookies and we can just pretend this never happened. You might want to pick up a new baking sheet, too.

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12. Come and get 'em! 

Imgur | OrangeLila

Nothing says fall like fresh country preserves. There's also a 99% chance that this particular jam is alive, so it's almost like adopting a new pet.

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13. In the spirit of Christmas, I'm going to let this one slide.  

Instagram | @maria.wolk

If Christmas specials have taught us anything, it's that imperfect trees deserve the best home. So what if this tree pillow is lumpy and uneven? I'd still love it.

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14. What could it possibly mean?

Instagram | @shriti_sunshine

No, it's not a new abstract painting expressing the subconscious. These, my friend, are DIY nail decals that have permanently fused to a plastic bag. Coming soon to a museum near you.

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15. Water-marbled nails are the biggest lie of our generation. 

Instagram | @auroa._m.2006

I have yet to see anyone accomplish this DIY successfully. It's like the Bigfoot of Pinterest. I have my conspiracy theories about this one.

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16. A lesson in why you should keep spices away from your skincare routine. 

Instagram | @whatthefudgepickles

Doesn't a DIY turmeric mask sound so cool? Not so much when you realize it turns your skin orange.

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17. The best thing about this DIY is that it is a hat. 

Instagram | @beautifullyimperfectlifebycass

Somebody wore this. In front of children. On Easter. If your nightmares didn't have a face before, they do now.

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18. If you DIY to save money, then this project sort of misses the point. 

Instagram | @pinterest_failsss

If you have so much extra change that you're literally gluing it to your furniture, call me up instead. My wallet would gladly take those coins off your hand.

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19. I have to give this person credit because knitting is hard.

Instagram | @krislinatin

My suggestion? Stick a pompom on it, call it a day, and tell no one. It can be our little secret.

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20. On the bright side, this is still a perfectly good bowl. 

Instagram | @pwbalto

Fill it up with some snacks and no one will care what the bowl looks like. Food is magical like that.

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21. These bunnies have seen some stuff. 

Instagram | @craftychica

It was probably that bunny hat from a few photos back. Geez, now I'm thinking about it again. Curse you, creepy bunny hat!

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22. Once again, Pinterest raised our hopes and then crushed them.

Instagram | @pinterest_failsss

I think Pinterest should come with some sort of warning. Too many people have seen their hopes and dreams go up in flames. It's not you, it's Pinterest.

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23. Further proof that DIY and ponies don't mix. 

Instagram | @artbycriley

These poor, poor ponies. Maybe if I call up Sarah Mclachlan we can make an ad that will end DIY pony fails once and for all.

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24. Proof that 3D printers aren't fool-proof. 

Imgur | TrippingPocahontas

According to an Imgur user, this is supposed to be Medusa. You know, from Greek mythology? If you thought it was something else, get your head out of the gutter.

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