17 Items That Prove Almost Anything Can Be Sold

Diply 9 May 2016

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." –Thomas Edison.

One of the most influential inventors of all time, Edison probably didn't anticipate some of the inventions that we would come up with. Apps were probably the furthest thing from his mind, and now that we can buy literally anything, we have a crisis on our hands. What is the best way to throw money down the drain? Well, I'm here to help.

You see, there are plenty of completely useless items out there, but that's mainly just a matter of perspective. The truly creative people in this world can turn lemons into lemonade, so you've just got to look at things from a different perspective.

1. Sure, you need a light when camping... but I think they're doing it wrong 

reddit | MadHemingway
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2. Perfect for the man who loves to take off his shirt in public, but who moved to Canada

reddit | rpetersen29
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3. The perfect app for the safety-conscious parkour enthusiast 

reddit | CatFlavoredToast
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4. Dr. Seuss had some serious game

reddit | argonauts
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5. Looks like these will have to be poached

reddit | HeimdalWK
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6. History is literally all around you

reddit | LexLorax
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7. Who doesn't think that giants walk among us?

reddit | ironchefmilo
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8. And apparently they were the real inventors behind sun roofs 

reddit | EarlJimsox
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9. If you just travel from sand trap to sand trap, you can make this work 

reddit | Thedaveabides98
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10. When one size doesn't always fit all 

reddit | mouldy
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11. When they ask to see the manager and you want to make a dramatic entrance 

reddit | Sainttom_1332
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12. Fire safety, brought to you by Darwin 

reddit | lolcats101
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13. I think we all could use this book, at any point in our life 

reddit | fluffyneedles
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14. Just let your creativity soar 

reddit | patman2469
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15. This seems counter-productive 

reddit | lolazord
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16. There's plenty of room for storage... no not there

reddit | Jwags420
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17. When you get paid by the word

reddit | ScissorMeeTimbers
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