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Women Are Sharing Real And Hilarious Notes Left By Their Husbands And Boyfriends

Kasia M 29 Mar 2019

Ah, love. Isn't it grand? Some couples shy away from all the lovey-dovey stuff and sweet affection while others are happy to put it on full display. So how awesome is when your husband or boyfriend surprises you with a heartfelt note?

These partners took that to heart and then some. Check out these hilarious notes they left for their unsuspecting partners.

1. Who doesn't like to get praise especially in the morning?

How sweet of this hubby to let his honey know how much he appreciates spending quality time with her.

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2. How would you like to get greeted like this when you get home from work?

Isn't it just so romantic? Especially when you don't even have cornflakes at home.

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3. Even having morning coffee can be a romantic gesture for some people.

Check out this sweet note left right by the coffee maker. Hot diggity dang. I like it!

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4. Funny things can happen when your husband attempts a Haiku note made especially for you.

You have to give this man an A for creativity. Ha ha ha!

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5. Men can't always sympathize with us when it comes to that time of the month.

Imgur | horstmac

But this guy definitely made up for it by writing this little gem.

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6. Even when your husband hates your outfit he can still be sweet about it, right?

Thankfully this guy knew just how to break the news to her.

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7. This is proof that you never know what can happen when you let your husband make your morning toaster strudels.


Wonder what else he comes up with.

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8. Can you believe how creative some guys can get?

Get a load of this drawing masterpiece all made to tell his wife to remember to eat her fruits. Amazing!

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9. Speaking of creativity, this is how one boyfriend illustrated the difference between him and his girlfriend.

Wow, this must be so accurate. Let us all use veggies to communicate.

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10. It's lovely to see when couples encourage each other in all their endeavors.

But isn't this note just a tad too personal or is it just me? LOL!

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11. You got those alphabet letters for a good reason.

But this is what happens when your husband just gets cheeky with it. Don't let the kids read it.

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12. Some guys can really get fancy.

Check out this cool drawing one hubby left for his wife in the morning. He's quite talented. Don't you think so? Nice one!

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13. And there are those husbands that need no words at all.

But clearly, they can still get the message out. He really wants her to eat that avocado.

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I miss the days that my boyfriend used to leave sweet notes for me.

Giphy | Percolate Galactic

Even if they weren't quite as funny as these they still made my day.

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