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This Optical Illusion Makeup Is Making Our Heads Spin

Kasia M 9 May 2019

Some makeup artists really have a unique vision they want to convey to the world.

But this 25-year-old artist from South Korea wanted to take her art to the next level with her imaginative and unusual creations.

Check out Dain Yoon's strange but interesting designs and you'll see exactly what I mean.

Upon her graduation from Korea National University in February 2017, Dain decided to become a full-time artist.

And it's apparent she has a real talent and truly unique imagination.

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Dain's work started to get some recognition back in May 2016 and at that point, she knew she wanted to do more than just working with makeup.

Wow, I don't even know where to look with this design.

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This painting was part of a film project she created with "Business Insider".

This piece is so amazing and I love how surprising and different it is. So unique!

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I have no idea how she filmed this video of while eating pizza with one of her "multi-face" makeup designs.

This is so trippy on a good day.

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Sometimes, I just long to blend in. Don't you?

Ha ha ha, I wish I could do this in public. LOL! This would be fantastic. Human camouflage — so cool.

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Dain calls this one "Shed My Skin".

She's holding an oil painting on a leather face mask that she did, along with a makeup illusion on her skin. So mesmerizing.

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Wow, this reminds me of Arya Stark and her many masks.

She could've used one of her designs. This is quite strange, to say the least, but also really fascinating.

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Dain has even been featured in magazines such as "Vogue Italia".

Not too shabby. So happy to see she's getting some much deserved and welcomed recognition all over the world.

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Her art isn't only limited to the face.

Here, she celebrated her engagement with this cool and unique hand art piece. Let's wish her all the happiness. Congratulations!

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I love this girl's unique style of incorporating herself into her stunning creations.

Here she's hanging out with her new virtual pal, Vincent Van Gogh. What do you think?

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So cool to see a little glimpse of how she creates her makeup art.

This must be such an interesting process to witness. I'd love to see her in action.

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Dain also does what she calls “hair nails."

And even though I find this quite weird I can see how it can go viral online. Probably the strangest nail accessory I've ever seen.

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She calls this fascinating optical illusion "Falling Angels".

I think this is quite something. She also sells limited prints of her colorful and interesting work on her website.

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We can't wait to see what she does next with her mind-bending creations.

I could stare at this all day long. I have no idea how she completes these looks with just makeup. Amazing!

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What do you think of Dain Yoon's artful creations?

Is this something that's appealing to you or is it just too strange? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

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