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10+ Hijabi Makeup Artists You Should Follow Right Now

Kasia M 12 May 2019

Beauty comes in all different skin colors, facial features, and styles. That's why it's so great to see people from different ethnic backgrounds embrace their culture and show us their unique beauty.

These awesome hijabi-wearing makeup artists are the epitome of style, beauty, and uniqueness.

1. Osob Beauty

This gorgeous Canadian makeup artist really shows off her amazing skills on both her Instagram page as well as YouTube where she shares amazing makeup tutorials.

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2. Sebina H.

This beautiful lady is a content creator, influencer and consultant. She's most popular for makeup removal tutorials, fake nails DIYs and an amazing Eid makeup tutorial.

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3. Aqira Azlah

Aquira Azlah is a Malaysian-based beauty influencer who is a makeup artist and beauty vlogger. She creates stunning looks for herself and her clients.

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4. Makeup By Diva Doll

This U.S.-based makeup artist lives in Seattle. Although she's new to YouTube her following is climbing. Her makeup tutorials are super popular on Instagram.

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5. Farisa Safrina

With close to 50K followers on Instagram, Farisa Safrina is on fire. If perfect eyebrows are what you're after, her YouTube tutorial is a must-see.

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6. Aysha Abdul

This amazing skincare expert is only 21-years-old if you can believe it. She's based out of Toronto and has amassed a huge 271K+ YouTube following.

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7. Dina Tokio

This lovely lady likes to keep things simple, so she often reviews drugstore skincare that everyone can afford. She's a U.K.-based designer with a free spirit.

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8. Saraswati

Saraswati is a cosplay queen and her hijab is always prominently incorporated into her creations. Her designs are a perfect blend of lots of fun and great creativity.

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9. Hodhen Liaden

YouTube | Hodhen Liaden

Even though Hodhem is growing her following, her YouTube cat-eye makeup tutorials are totally worth watching.

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10. Sabina Hannan

Sabina has already mesmerized over 536K followers on her hugely popular Instagram page. Now she's starting to take YouTube by storm with her awesome tutorials.

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11. Yasemin

This Cuban and Turkish makeup artist who's based in Florida is a master of understated yet bold makeup style. And her 246K followers on Instagram are really loving it.

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12. Nura Afia

Nura is a Denver-based makeup artist who's huge on YouTube as well. She's known for taking her followers from morning skin routine to nighttime going out prep.

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13. Aisha Liyana

This pretty lady calls herself a part-time YouTuber and a full-time makeup enthusiast. And she specializes in teaching beginners how to perfect their makeup routine. How awesome!

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I'm super impressed by all these beautiful and talented ladies.


They really show us that if you love what you do and do it with gusto you can be successful.

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