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9+ Questionable Things All Girls Did To Their Hair In The '90s And Early 2000s

Kasia M 13 May 2019

Some beauty trends are so amazing that they really stand the test of time. But there are other trends that we all wish would simply go away and fast.

Do you remember those awful hair trends that were popular in the '90s and early 2000s that we wish we never followed?

Let's take a trip down memory lane...

1. Too Much Excess

Hillary Duff seems to come to mind when we think of crazy hairstyles that were all over the place in the early 2000s. Check these out. Hair accessories galore!

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2. Chopsticks

OMG, I'm so guilty of this. And if you can believe it, I still have those chopsticks I used to put in my hair. Terrible, I know.

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3. Crimping

Again, confession time: I loved my crimping iron. But I knew this trend was way over when my now fiancé gave me a confused look one day. Haha!

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4. Random Braids


It's one thing to braid your hair when you're on vacation in the Carribean but it's quite another to just do random braids for no reason using this tool that every '90s girl had.

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5. Slick High Ponytail

YouTube | OmabelleTV

This one must've hurt a lot, and that's why I never really settled on this trend. I don't need another reason for a massive headache.

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6. Two-Tone Hair Color

This is one of the weirdest hair color trends, don't you think? I mean there's absolutely no way this could ever look remotely natural. So why?

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7. The Bandana Trend


I never really got into this bandana trend unless I was actually hanging at the pool. But I think that's actually a good thing.

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8. Butterfly Clips


This seems like such a childish thing to do to your hair, especially when you're not a little girl, but we all did it anyway. So funny!

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9. Zig-Zag Headband

I'm such a hoarder that I believe I saw my zig-zag headband lying around in my drawer when I was packing for our recent move. Busted!

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10. Snap Clips

And by the same token as butterfly clips, there were the snap clips as well. Those colorful clips were so useful and fun to use. Right?

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11. Over-Using Your Straightener

YouTube | Avril Lavigne

Just as I loved my crimping iron, I also was head-over-heels for my straightening iron and I definitely abused it. Yikes!

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13. Chunky Highlights

I dunno why this terrible hair actually became a hot trend in the 2000s. Does anyone know? I mean, this is just a mystery to me.

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13. Uneven Curls

Instagram | @doyoulovethe2000s

This style was perfect for those lazy girls who didn't want to commit to doing their whole head of hair. It seemed to work at the time.

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14. Britney braids

Instagram | @specialk410

The braids. The scrunchies. The crop-top school girl uniform. We were obsessed with copying everything Britney did in the '00s, even if we definitely looked sillier than she did.

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15. The Rachel

Once Friends hit the airwaves, everyone and their dog wanted the layered cut Jennifer Aniston was rocking, and so The Rachel was born.

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16. Scene queen style

The pain we felt listening to My Chemical Romance and Panic! At The Disco could only be expressed through big, neon colored hair with huge side-bangs that made it really hard to see.

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17. Coontails

Of course, to go along with your giant bangs and bright hair, you'd need to have these raccoon-patterned extensions put in. I used to BEG my mom to let me get some and I'm honestly so glad she said no.

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18. Flipped out hair ends

Before Riverdale, we all wanted to channel Josie and The Pussycats through Rachel Leigh Cook's flippy-ended bob. I remember trying to masterfully flick my straightener to achieve the flip and, like... never succeeding.

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Which hairstyle do you think was the worst?

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Did you fall prey to any of these questionable hairstyles? I definitely never wanna see those butterfly clips again — no thanks!

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