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16+ Hilarious Times People Messed Up Huge By Forgetting Little Things

mason.zimmer 14 May 2019

Forgetting stuff is always a drag. It leaves us living out a day as we normally would, but at a disadvantage that's just noticeable enough to be annoying.

Strangely, though, forgetting something can suddenly go from being aggravating to hilarious when we see a bigger result from it. Of course, that's not true if one small detail ends up getting somebody fired, but we can still see the funny side when someone leaves a soda can in the freezer.

Sure, it's not exactly fun to clean up, but at least we can marvel at how bent out of shape the can became.

And it's even better with the pics we're going to see today because we're not the ones stuck picking up the pieces.

1. This discounted cake is perfectly good, but it's on sale because that's about all they know about it.

Reddit | redgoldfilm

Yeah, the folks at Ben & Jerry's forgot to label what kind of cake this is, so anybody who feels lucky can get a mystery cake for 30% off.

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2. This isn't some weird knockoff. Somebody at the factory just forgot about a few of the Gerber baby's features.

Reddit | tyler0110

Apparently, all you have to do to turn the baby into an adorable little alien is remove the nose, lips, and most of her hair.

So now you're blessed with that knowledge, I guess.

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3. This guy may have made a mistake by walking his dog without bringing a leash, but he had a backup plan.

Reddit | i_browse_at_work

All he had to do was shake a bag of Doritos every few steps and that pooch stayed in rapt attention. The fact that he didn't forget this definitely showed where his priorities were, though.

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4. It's hard to tell unless this has happened to you, but this bag is supposed to have potatoes in it.

Reddit | toasty-toes

The mess of roots that results when you leave potatoes out for too long may be interesting to look at, but this isn't something to try at home.

According to Smithsonian Magazine, the fumes of rotten potatoes can cause illness and even death in some extreme cases.

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5. When you forget your employee badge at this company, this is apparently what they provide you with.

Reddit | FlyingOstrich69

Even though it says "badge of shame," I can't really say I'd mind wearing this. There are certainly far worse things to be than the dog from Up.

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6. This kind of explains why the airport staff don't always tell us why our flight's been delayed.

Reddit | Xander395

Still, I suppose it's kind of comforting to know that even those in charge of flying us around the world can lock their keys in like anybody else.

We're not so dumb after all.

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7. This is the kind of mistake somebody's going to need a chisel to fix, but at least it left an interesting impression.

Reddit | edwards626

It might be a little hard to tell, but there's a fountain under all that ice. To be fair, winter leaves those who care for fountains with a fine line to walk.

If you let them run, you end up with this. If you let them sit, the pipes get warped by frozen water and nobody wants that.

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8. It's a little bit embarrassing to forget your main character's name before you've even finished page one.

Reddit | SeriouslyGetOverIt

It's not as big of a deal as some of the other things we've seen today, but I'd still bet that the fastest way to make this author wince is to ask them who Sophie is.

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9. Absolutely NOT Colombian roast.

Reddit | starcatcher45

Someone forgot to print the "1" in "100%" on this label, leading to a confusing claim. Okay, so it's not Colombian medium roast, but what IS it?

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10. Looks... delicious.

Reddit | show_me_your_holes

Sometimes, after a long day, you don't always remember if you hit "copy image" or "copy image address" before you hit paste. Sometimes that happens when you work at Vitamin Water.

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11. It's amazing how much difference one little decimal point can make.

Reddit | Kbum217

Either that or this better be the absolute best iced chai latte that anybody's ever made. Forget the fresh ingredients, it has to grant me a wish or something.

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12. This Home Depot forgot to take down their Halloween decorations around Christmas time, so they improvised.

Reddit | iPadBob

There we go! Instead of spooky skeletons menacing us a midnight, they've come to bring us presents.

I still don't want this watching me while I'm sleeping or knowing when I'm awake, though.

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13. Framing is everything.

Reddit | Gravitom

If you're going to take a cute jumping picture, make sure to aim the camera at where your heads are going to be, or else it might end up looking a little... sinister.

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14. No, it's not quite that McDonald's new decorative strategy is to cover the walls in random words and phrases.

Reddit | Ziinxx

We know that "text" isn't supposed to be there, but the question is whether of any of these were intentional because none of them have much to do with anything.

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15. There's something so wrong about this.

Reddit | CurrentAssumption

Someone forgot to put the color on one of the bottles in this Mountain Dew pack, and something about it just makes me feel wrong. Like I'm not in the right universe anymore.

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16. How ARRRR your teeth?

Reddit | Possibly_

This poor guy was dressed up for an event where a pirate costume was appropriate, but remembered last minute that he had a dentist appointment. Ahoy, doctor!

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17. When we fall into a terrible trap, we may find that the only thing we can do is leave a haunting warning for others.

Reddit | Ham1ltron

If this person faced as brutal of a test as it seems, they'll definitely have no trouble remembering when the next one is.

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18. Some of us have found out what happens when we leave a soda can in the freezer, but it doesn't get much better with a beer bottle.

Reddit | Jax5498

As charming as bouquet of frozen beer might sound, it's probably a little more romantic without the shards of broken glass.

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19. It's easy to forget that the little cursor is on our screens and this is apparently an occupational hazard for graphic designers.

Reddit | HandsOfAsclepius

It figures that it just happened to be hovering over the easiest word to ignore here.

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20. It's hard to get more embarrassing than when someone forgets to do the most important part of their job.

Reddit | marscael

I can't deny that they made this packaging very well, but it's a little hard to appreciate that when you learn that's the only thing you just paid for.

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21. Today, we've learned that panoramic X-rays get pretty gnarly when the patient leaves their glasses on.

Reddit | maggiemoocorgipoo

Whatever dentist forgot about that little detail isn't likely to forget it again now that this image has been burned into their nightmares.

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22. Some mistakes ruin our plans, but this one arguably improved one guy's work.

Reddit | fluhx

Apparently, he forgot to remove what he was trying to 3D print before he got started on Groot here, which means this Guardian of the Galaxy now has a little buddy with him.

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23. A little peek behind-the-scenes of pizza making.

Reddit | Charles_Edison

The poor person making this pizza forgot to remove the baking tray before putting it in the box for delivery. At least the person who got the pizza got a cool souvenir!

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24. Hope they fit.

Reddit | cowboyfromhell324

The person (or machine) making these jeans forgot one of the belt loops, so here's hoping this person's waist is exactly the size of the jeans they ordered.

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25. This guy forgot his coveralls, so he had to borrow a spare from his coworker.

Reddit | themanhutch

The only problem is that the other guy is six foot seven, so he's suddenly been whisked back to that childhood moment where we tried to wear our parents' clothes.

Look folks, he's a big kid now!

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26. This must have smelled terrible.

Reddit | ItsAlwaysSunnyInJax

Someone either forgot to put their cigarette out before dropping it in here, or someone forgot these things were just for cigarettes and put some flammable garbage in it first. Either way, that's a disgusting thing for someone to have to clean up.

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27. This dog owner's received their gift just fine, but the giver forgot to tell them what it was.

Reddit | gourdsquashington

So now this unfortunate dog is stuck wearing a travel drink cozy that apparently doubles as the world's most uncomfortable muzzle.

It looks thrilled.

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28. Funny title here please.

Reddit | semajred

When you print a newspaper, it can be hard to remember to caption every picture every day. A slip up like this is bound to happen.

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29. No need for the over/under debate.

Reddit | 7362418

Someone forgot the tube in this toilet paper roll, but at least you have an excuse to be lazy and not put it on the holder.

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30. Maybe they're talking about appetizers?

Reddit | Ratrod3347

It's easy to miss a letter while typing, but someone probably should have caught this before it went to air.

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31. He definitely won't let that happen again.

Reddit | npea777

"My buddy forgot bug spray last night," wrote Reddit user npea777.

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32. MY wine glass now.

Imgur | moosebubble

This person forgot a wine glass outside all summer, and a nearby plant overtook it as it grew. I think the plant might be thirsty! Pour me a glass, Seymour!

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33. Hopefully you don't need to go to floor 2.

Reddit | brosjd

The people who made this elevator forgot to put a stop for the second floor. At least the stairs to the second floor probably aren't too bad?

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34. Apparently, this guy partied so hard at Carnival in Brazil that he forgot his girlfriend was on his shoulders.

Reddit | stchy_5

Of course, that becomes a bit of a problem when missing out on that little detail leads a fella to start making out with random women.

Uh oh.

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35. This looks like the blue screen of death, but...

Reddit | bsparks027

This Reddit user's coworker forgot to sign out of their station, so they replaced his background with this image and hid all of his desktop icons. So evil.

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36. Um... nice birdie...

Reddit | Demedia

Someone forgot to close the bathroom window at their work, and it looks like they have a brand new office pet! In the form of a dangerous baby hawk with sharp talons. Great.

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37. Please don't give this to your kids.

Reddit | SuperFishy

This bunny knows you forgot them in the car. They know what you did to them and they will never forget it. Look at those little eyes.

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38. Good day for the squirrel.

Reddit | Tezzex

Sure, you forgot to close your lunch bag and now a little critter has your sandwich, but think of it from THEIR perspective. Don't be so selfish.

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39. I wonder why the neighbors keep avoiding us at get-togethers.

Reddit | SomeGnosis

Forgetting to take down your Christmas decorations might look a little tacky, but forgetting your Halloween ones can look downright incriminating.

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