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10+ Grad Moments That Are As Awkward As They Are Hilarious

Kasia M 15 May 2019

Graduation is such a happy time for all those who have gotten through school and lived to tell about it. But sometimes things don't exactly turn out as one had hoped.

Cheers to those times when new grads found themselves in awkward situations that ended up being far from perfect but totally hilarious instead.

1. Ain't That The Truth

Reddit | regular_rhino

Maybe all the students should have this on their graduation hats. I dunno if it's a crying matter or a laughing matter, though.

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2. When Your Dad Is A Cheapskate

Reddit | EverythingFerns

Some kids get amazing gifts for graduation like cars, but this kid got a big check for a mere $4.

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3. When You Let One Rip

Reddit | buddhaluvsbooty69

Maybe this guy is now rethinking that chili he had for lunch, 'cause letting one rip clearly wasn't the greatest idea. Haha!

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4. When Mom's A Klutz

Reddit | SageVegas

I bet this is not what this girl imagined as her graduation picture. Let's just blame it on her super klutzy mom. Shall we?

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5. When The Baker Fails

Twitter | @HelenMaryMe

Just when you thought everything was going according to plan you get this lovely surprise from the baker. This is totally illegible and probably inedible.

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6. When Grad Takes Too Long

Reddit | ConiferousMedusa

I dunno if this is totally genius or should be considered extremely rude, but this one family played Bingo during their son's graduation.

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7. When Your Idea Ain't So Brilliant

Twitter | @Brittany_Rota

Why anyone would think it was a good idea to do this and especially at graduation time? Oh well, what do I know?

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8. When You Recover Well

Reddit | MinimalResults

So this guy apparently tripped and fell when doing his graduation walk down the stairs, so he just started doing pushups to recover. LOL! Clever.

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9. When You're Caught Snacking

Reddit | PixelSword77

We all want to remember our great school memories but when your school remembers you for this, it doesn't make the best impression.

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10. When You Had A Late Night

Twitter | @kendallgoduto

Some kids just can't seem to wait to celebrate until their graduation day but, oh well, I don't think she's missing too much.

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11. When You Forget You're On Camera

Reddit | curlyswine

Somebody clearly forgot to remind this kid that the ceremony is being taped. I bet his parents are so proud of him.

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12. Of All The Mementos You Get This

Reddit | lnderski

So you paid your fee to get your one awesome graduation picture and end up getting this instead. Really professional. Yikes!

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13. When You Let It Rip

Twitter | @xoxobrookec

Oh boy, imagine this happening to you right before your graduation? This doesn't sound like something to celebrate. LOL! Tough luck.

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14. When You Have Stand-ins For Your Parents

Reddit | Zoomer1997

This grad's parents couldn't make it to the graduation ceremony, so he had a couple of his friends stand in for the classic grad-with-parents' photo.

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15. When Your Girlfriend Doesn't Want To Buy A New Card

Reddit | 03mark87

I mean, nothing about this card is technically wrong. We always say it's the thought that counts, right?

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17. When Someone Feels Left Out

Reddit | bluesteelMcSkooter

It's pretty cute that this family's youngest child felt left out of the graduation photo collection, until you learn that their "youngest child" is 17 and graduating the next year.

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18. When You're The Chosen One

Reddit | KingThalion

Okay, so this person isn't ascending above the rest of his class — he missed his graduation ceremony and decided to photoshop himself into the pictures.

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19. When Your Card Is TOO Honest...

Reddit | joecooool418

I know a lot of recent graduates who could use a sign like this, to be honest. LOL! Don't worry too much, hungry grads, you'll find something!

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Ha ha ha! Don't take your graduation too seriously, kids.

Giphy | Cooper Barrett's Guide To Surviving Life

I mean, it's a great honor for sure but just be happy you finally did it and move on!

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