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16+ Tricksters Who Live Life Their Own Way

mason.zimmer 27 May 2019

Improvisation is an underrated skill. Although some people blessed with it will try to use it as a substitute for an actual, well-thought out plan, it's downright necessary when even seemingly ironclad plans go awry.

That skill also allows people to quickly adjust when somebody stands in their way and brings a book full of very uncool rules with them.

And we're about to see improvisation in action with some seriously smart ideas.

1. The idea of having to separate our food from our entertainment seems like a lowkey nightmare, but that rule won't invade this kid's dreams.

Reddit | psfaux

Finally, two of our greatest joys can be reunited in bliss. I guess if I tried this, I'd get uncomfortable from changing positions, but I'm also a fast eater so that works out.

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2. If you think this person's had practice with this one, you've obviously been to college.

Reddit | rabbitfarmer

Apparently, it works best if you set the Keurig to 10 ounces. Be careful and bon appetit!

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3. This kid's method to evade his dad's watchful eye is like a heist movie scene came to life.

Twitter | @KevinMieles11

As long as the party doesn't get so rough that the camera starts shaking, this guy's dad will be none the wiser.

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4. I wish we could know whether this was a back-up plan to get what they wanted or if they knew their first choice wasn't going to fly.

Reddit | Spunkyrats

Basically, I just want to know whether someone at the DMV sighed in frustration and said, "No sir, your license plate can't say 'deez nuts'" before they allowed this.

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5. Sometimes, it's less about having an idea and more about having the guts to stand against those who would control you.

Reddit | mhorowitzgelb

Somebody thought they could tell him not to park and not to stand? They thought wrong, friends, they thought wrong.

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6. It takes a special kind of talent to obey an order and defy it all at once.

Reddit | larrydavid1987

Even though they expressly told him not to do this, they'd probably be OK with his choice here.

He walked a fine line.

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7. Even a trick that nobody wanted this person to pull can still be impressive.

Reddit | robertschaffer18

Even though these two parties sound like they were seriously inconvenienced, they also sound pretty amazed.

That's a lot of dedication for what we'll charitably call a "mysterious" purpose.

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8. Not only is this person getting their revenge, but they might've just found a way to catch the office lunch thief.

Reddit | ooblankie

After all, as soon as they catch someone wincing and looking like they're going to vomit, they'll have all the clues they need.

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9. Well well well, it looks like the parking enforcers have finally been beaten.

Reddit | KamilG225

I'm just picturing this person and their lawyer waiting to pounce from the bushes the second one of them makes a call here.

That aside, what's with the guy with the hat on the no parking sign?

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10. Somebody was definitely willing to put their money where their mouth is here.

Reddit | Reddit4Life27

If only there were more ways we could voice our dissent with cute turtles. Standing up for what you believe in with an adoring smile is still doing it.

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11. It may be hard to tell what this person is rebelling against at first, but they were clearly born to do it.

Reddit | CleverUsername1337

That insignia for the Rebel Alliance probably goes with a lot of defiant acts, but in this case, it's putting something besides a Ford in a "Ford only" parking area. Take that, the man!

Somebody is definitely going to disobey their "no step" sign, though.

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12. If they didn't pick the right day for this British-themed party, then they had to accept the consequences.

Reddit | Pqc0

For instance, if this was anywhere near July fourth, that's a big gamble.

I just hope they didn't break character because the chorus of dropped monocles and people shouting "I say" would be beautiful.

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13. Sometimes, a little research and a lot of luck can go a long way to righting the wrongs we've suffered.

Reddit | _IzI

Still, let's take a moment to appreciate that this daring rescue mission wouldn't have been possible without the irony of the bike thief saying, "Yeah, just don't ride off."

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14. One of the most interesting things about this sneaky trick is that the guy who did it doesn't even seem that impressed with himself.

Reddit | XtraLargePope

Although he could just be checking to make sure there's no festival security around to bust his bootlegging operation.

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15. Well, I suppose we finally have an explanation for any time we've seen someone plop a bizarre horror in the passenger seat.

Reddit | VLPaulieB

Even so, I'm not sure why some people found it necessary to put creepy clowns where these skeleton monster is now.

At least the dad had more restraint.

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16. I guess it's hard to make someone follow the rules when they have the power to change them at will.

Reddit | commentshare

I like how the wording makes this seem less like giving yourself permission and more like giving everyone else oddly specific life advice.

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17. There's a reason why this person taped down their control key and most of us would find it pretty distasteful.

Reddit | Bearily619

Their managers apparently monitor their activity closely enough that in order to take a "guilt-free" lunch, they had to do this to make it seem like they're active.

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18. Somebody is really testing how committed they are to finding and fining vandals.

Reddit | ComprehensiveKnee4

This is especially true since they've done it subtly enough that it'll probably be awhile before anyone notices. And the person who does might not even care.

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19. When these two first came along, the only thing to see here would've been a blank wall.

Reddit | heygrandi

So, for some reason, they made a poster of themselves celebrating their enjoyment of McDonald's with random circles.

Apparently, it lasted 51 days before anybody noticed.

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20. This event sounds pretty exclusive, but it didn't take much for this guy to find a way in.

Reddit | MCmevin

All he had to do was wrap a grocery store receipt around his wrist and walk on in there with a confidently bored stride and presto, instant access!

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21. This one is new, I think.

Reddit | SilentGatorade

A waiter slipped his number in an empty lime to someone. Wouldn't the number get all soggy and also, holding a lime scrap in your hand to someone seems less than romantic.

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